The profile of a book store starts off having a dreary, dusty and browser unfriendly atmosphere which has discouraged all but serious book buyers. Books have always been revered as sacred tools of knowledge . It was the only source of edutainment before the advent of technology. The present generation which have earlier showed indifference to reading now flock to the book stores. Is this phenomenon in the pursuit of knowledge or is it just a fancy to the people who have been flocking to the book stores? Crossword, a leading national level bookstores has come out with a new concept where the book store is a lounge for reading. In haste you may name it a library, but this is different.This a book store along with a coffee bar with tables for everyone to sit and read their favourite literati , having their mood elevated already in reading the book and also by sipping a cup of your favourite coffee and listening to soothing music. What more can you expect as a book lover? This is heaven for book lovers.

The motto of this concept is to change the bookstore into a lifestyle utility as people are getting increasingly involved in leisurely pursuits. So , next time when you visit a bookstore, expect a barista to help you in browsing the literary stuff.



What are your future plans? This might be the question everyone gets to answer when they have graduated or if the person is on the blink of graduation. Not all people have got to answer this cliched question. There are some who stood on their legs( I mean capable of being independent) from a very young age and one such person is Mr.Suhas Gopinath who is the Youngest CEO in the world.

Suhas is now 21 years old, When he was just 14, this guy from Bangalore, India he founded a company called Globals Inc,in San Jose, California. The reason for trying his luck in the United States rather than his native country was because there are laws in India that prevented him — then as a minor — to start a company legally. Starting with only 4 employees, he now employs around 400 students between India and the U.S.A.

He says “I never chose to become an entrepreneur to earn big money or fame. It was the anger in me that made me change my ambition from a Veterinary Doctor to an Entrepreneur. This anger was that I was humiliated by my prospective clients and big shot IT companies when I approached them that I can offer them web development services, as I wanted to own a computer by free lancing. Since I was just 13 years, they under estimated my potential based on my age and that is where I made up my mind that I need to setup an enterprise that should offer employment to hundreds of eligible unemployed youth all over the world, without assessing them based on their age or just academic scores, but primarily based on their skill sets and their attitude to learn.

Entrepreneurship is an adventure, its takes lots of courage and guts. In my case, I did not think much about the failures before I started as I knew that the worst that could happen to me is I need to shut down the company and take employment. But my mindset slowly started to change; I started to realize the satisfaction of being an entrepreneur and the contentment of offering employment to eligible youth all over the world. I started to change my views, and made up my mind that if I need to shut down this company, I will again start one more company but will remain as an entrepreneur whatsoever! According to me, the assertiveness and clear focus is the most important factors for a successful entrepreneur.

It depends on the individual’s mindset, in my case I wanted to stick to one company as I always considered Globals as my baby and I did not want to sell it out at all. I did not want to be a serial entrepreneur by setting up companies and selling them as money is something that always motivated as I being from middle class family, I really enjoyed being humble and down to earth instead of showing off. I wanted to concentrate on the growth of one enterprise that can offer employment to talented youth across the globe and do our bit in reducing unemployment everywhere. Creating jobs is something that motivates me and my co-founders always, and we still feel it was worth the sacrifice of our student and fun life that we had to give up in our early teens.”

Looking ahead, he will now be starting an internet venture based on Web 2.0 technologies in Germany besides starting focusing on loyalty and retail services.

He is a role model and source of inspiration for many who wish to start their own enterprise

Source  :

The Times of India


Anything revolutionary that is being launched in the market catches everyone’s attention and when a person accomplishes a task that many other compeers write off as impossible is really worth mentioning. January 10, 2008 is a red letter day not only in the Indian Automobile Industry , but also to the Global Automotive arena as the day witnessed the much talked about TATA onelakh car.

Way back in 2003 or 2004, a leading Indian Industrialist expressed his view in front of the media that he would like to see most of the middle class population in India to own a four wheeler which was then a luxury at a revolutionary price of one lakh. The person about whom Im referring is none other than the chairman of TATA sons, Mr.Ratan Tata.He promised that he would bring out a car for Rs. one lakh and hearing the same many other industrialists in the same field wrote his comments off and given the increasing prices of goods and commodities day by day, a car costing Rs. one lakh or 2000$ was not realistic.

Mr.Ratan Tata took the challenge and though the car’s launch was delayed for some time, it was finally showcased at the Auto Expo 08′ at Pragati Maidan,New Delhi, where a notable number of Dignitaries from various places have come to witness the wonder.

Mr.Ratan Tata

Finally the car was launched and as auto critics say, the car is a great value for money and the model was far beyond their expectations.the launch of the car was followed by a brief speech by Mr. Ratan Tata and at that juncture, he expressed that it was difficult to bring out a car of such standards and put a price tag of Rs.One lakh given the four years good time where there have been drastic changes in a number of fields , but at the end he remarked that ” The price of the car i.e; the dealer price of the basic model would be one lakh because A PROMISE IS A PROMISE”. This shows how Mr.Ratan Tata has valued his words and by this way, he has kept the good will of the company intact and made all critics take back their words.

In fact, after the launch the same companies which have written off Tatas valiant  attempt,made a statement that they would make a product that would cater to the same segment. Mr.Ratan Tata has kept the promise he made before four years, now lets question ourselves How many of us do really keep promises of our loved ones?

Definitely a lesson to be learnt!


In the last few months, Ive seen many of my friends getting into reading books extensively, some of them to improve their vocabulary, some of them develop a habit of reading and some others used it as a means of engaging themselves in the boring college lectures .(Ashamed to admit that I’m not among the above mentioned peers).But the end product is that by reading you gain something that is going to be useful at some or the other point of time. Of course, there are some voracious readers who have had this habit from their childhood, they are an exception. We get to know a number of unknown things to us by reading and this gives us a bit of confidence because knowledge is rewarded everywhere.

So, finally on one fine day, I thought of developing this habit and I started with The DaVinci Code, a famous novel written by Dan brown. There has also been a  cinematic representation of the same which had its own share of controversies and thats a totally different issue. But could not complete the novel even till date though I have started reading the same before four months. Then , I came to realise that the perseverance required for a reader is missing in me.In good four months time, I’m ashamed to say that  I didn’t even complete reading at least half of the book .

Then my friends were discussing about a novel called “Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT.”I would be lying if i say that I did not hear about the novel earlier. But as one of my friends suggested , I decided to give it a try. Immediately, the next day I went to a local Book store and brought a copy of the novel and I was amazed to see myself completing the same in a reading time of  6 hours, which is a great accomplishment given my level of understanding. I could relate the main characters among my friends and i could relate to some of the episodes(chapters) of the novel. So, the impetus of the accomplishment was the sheer interest generated by the author to keep the readers hooked to it.

I liked the way the novel was written in a simple and lucid manner and the author drove the point home. By the way, I didnot mention the name of the author, Mr.Chetan Bhagat an alumni of the prestigious IIT, where the whole story takes place.

So, my first accomplishment of reading a novel completely(given my track record of not completing anything I start), that too in a very short time, the entire credit goes to the author Chetan Bhagat.

Looking forward to reading his second novel named “One Night at the Call Centre”.


  • The secret of getting ahead is to get started –
  • Leadership is doing the right things and Management is doing the things right- Peter Drucker
  • It is not because that things are difficult, that we do not dare,Its is because we do not dare that they are difficult
  • No genius is complete without an element of eccentricity.
  • FEAR _ False Events Appearing Real
  • It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.— Wisdom of Confucius
  • Its really deserving to be unworthy in a group of people you always respect than being a leader in a group of fools.
  • Good friends are like stars >you don’t always see them but you always know they are there-Anonymous
  • Character is like a tree and reputation is like a shadow.The shadow of what we think of it;the tree is the real thing.
  • Life is pleasant.Death is peaceful. Its the transition that is troublesome-Issac Asimov
  • It is always the best policy to speak the truth-unless,of course, you are exceptionally good liar-Jerome k.Jerome
  • Life is what happens to you while you are busy making others plans-John Lennon.
  • The question should be ,is it worth trying to do,not can it be done-Allard Lowenstein
  • Unless we think of others and do something for them, we miss one of the greatest sources of happiness-Ray Lyman Wilbur
  • Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward-Vernon law
  • Don’t look down on someone unless you are helping him up-Anonymous
  • All growth is a leap in the dark,a spontaneous,premeditated act without the benefit of experience
  • In order for something to come out clean,something else must become dirty; but you can get everything dirty without getting anything clean-Anonymous
  • The superior man is distressed by the limitations of his ability; he is not distressed by the fact that men do not recognise the ability he has-Wisdom of Confucius
  • Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream-Malcolm Muggeridges
  • Who you are should speak loudly than what you actually speak – Galileo Galilei
  • A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort-Herm Albright
  • Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can – Willis Whitney
  • I have found that luck is more predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances.Be more active, show up more often.-Brian Tracy
  • Knowing what you cannot do is more imporatnt than what you do-Lucille Ball


We know that most of the Indians..In fact almost all are crazy about the game cricket. The present tri series involving India,Australia and SriLanka in Australia is one of the most competitive tri series Ive seen as all the three teams are almost evenly placed. The good news is that India has been doing quite well in the tour to Australia this season.  The find of the season is undoubtedly the Young Delhi pacer Ishanth Sharma who surprised and tricked the great and strong Australian batting line up.

Its a very common practice that we see in daily newspapers that they raise a good performance to Mt.Everest and if the performance is poor, he/she will be thrashed into Kashmir valley.I think you guys got the point .Media is the interface between the reader( common man ) and the authority.So, the media should be unbiased and discharge its duties accordingly putting national interest above all.

In ICC champions trophy 2004, India had only won one match that too against Kenya a minnow and next day in the papers, the headline was ” INDIA BACK TO WINNING WAYS”(India suffered along streak of losses before that particular game and it was no different thereafter).

In some of the regional newspapers, Politicians have a stake and those newspapers publish news as if the politician who has a stake in that newspaper is an Emblem of Human service and his opponent is serial killer.So ,I as a citizen feel transparency is the most important thing  that is required in media . But we find it nowhere in Indian media Industry except for a few.

Another example is about a news channel , infact several national level news channels  which aired exclusive previews of the movie ” SIVAJI”, the Rajnikanth starrer that generated much hype(of course the hype was created by the same media)
. When there are a hell lot of national issues where media concentration is required ,the media is concentrating on the release of new movies, Dhoni’s new haircut, Deepika -Yuvraj affair,Shahid-Kareena Breakup and a hell lot of useless issues with the support of baseless assumptions.

Another pathetic instance is when a death or something lost is mourned, the media tries to show the same incident with some filmy background music that appeals to a greater section of audience addicted to saas-bahu soaps and to increase their TRP ratings.

So, what is the role of media defined as? A watch dog or a publicity agency?


Indian economy is booming. The last one we’ve got to hear that BOOMed was IT.And yes after that it was retail BOOM . Its good that the appreciation of Indian rupee versus american dollar has been increased but it it really worth it?

I firmly believe there will be a point of saturation(stagnation) for any trend.With the increased rupee appreciation versus the dollar, the outsourcing companies that ruled the reign over the last 10 years have looked down with a decrease in profits and handed over pink slips to a number of employees. So, is it the end of IT , ITES and outsourcing to India.We will have to wait for a few years to know the answer. Many trade pundits say YES, the saturation has come with China and other smaller countries trying to build up their base in this field.

So, what did IT and its allies bring to our country? Firstly, they offered the highly paid White collared jobs for Indian Graduates and many of them could fly in a business class in a flight for foreign official trips which the normal government job did not offer and lead a lavish life which are envied by their parents . The spending capacity of people has increased and so did the standard of living of the people. So almost everyone in the IT field could live the life they dreamt .

On the other side, the high pay packages meant more work and more tensions at the workplace as a result of which we can see people  having cardiac problems and related ones at a very young age. With the increase in the standard of living, the lifestyle of people  has people  addicted to vices which had  a direct impact on social and more importantly personal life.

And the cities which were mainly benefited from the IT BOOM were Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Noida etc.But most of the jobs created in these places were offerd for people in other states . But the good thing is that some amount of highly paid jobs were created in our country, which is a good sign.

The main advantage of IT boom is that the infrastructure of these cities have improved a lot and so did the governance . The outlook of our these cities changed and our country has earned a respectable place in the global arena.

Finally there has been a lot good done by IT and with this boom, foreign investments landed in India which was not the scenario earlier.