The main intention of creating this particular blog is genuinely nothing. This is my second attempt to maintain a blog after my first one got rusted up.So i wish i could at least maintain this one with some amount of enthusiasm or else this will get rusted too. I got the idea of getting into blogging with one of my good friends by name Satish who is very much into blogging and his blog caters to the student community a lot and a number of students were its beneficiaries. I genuinely admit that i don’t have any useful stuff for you guys but i would like my blog to be interesting enough to be read by one and all. I start this blog from nowhere and i don’t have any clue as what to fill in this blog. I have been brooding over the past few days to start one and it finally happened now. So , the proverb “The secret of getting ahead is to get started” should hold good at least for this time.


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