The hottest burning topic now a days is the scam of kidneys that involves Amit kumar and Jeevan raut. Poor and uneducated people being exploited by the filthy rich in the lure of money put their life in risk.Kidneys are an essential part of any human and i know the importance than anyone else as I’m a kidney recipient from my mother as i was  diagnosed with  renal failure a few months back. Especially in Tamil nadu, news reports say that people were promised to be paid by some third party brokers for organ donation and they were cheated to get a paltry amount of what they were promised early. Even the rules for organ donation and transplantation are rigid supporting a very few cases. On that i must really than the almighty to have found a match very early after my diagnosis. Inspite of that i was on Haemo Dialysis for 3 months which sapped my body .

But life’s a lot better now and i could ask for nothing else. Now i can firmly say that i know the value of life as i enjoy every nit of it these days.

It is the duty of the government to keep a vigilant eye on such activities , but if the government itself is corrupt and keeps the self interest above  national interest then ” yeh log nahin sudhrega”  perfectly holds good.

I support organ transplantation and I’m willing to extend my help in whichever way possible to people who require organ transplantation.


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