We know that most of the Indians..In fact almost all are crazy about the game cricket. The present tri series involving India,Australia and SriLanka in Australia is one of the most competitive tri series Ive seen as all the three teams are almost evenly placed. The good news is that India has been doing quite well in the tour to Australia this season.  The find of the season is undoubtedly the Young Delhi pacer Ishanth Sharma who surprised and tricked the great and strong Australian batting line up.

Its a very common practice that we see in daily newspapers that they raise a good performance to Mt.Everest and if the performance is poor, he/she will be thrashed into Kashmir valley.I think you guys got the point .Media is the interface between the reader( common man ) and the authority.So, the media should be unbiased and discharge its duties accordingly putting national interest above all.

In ICC champions trophy 2004, India had only won one match that too against Kenya a minnow and next day in the papers, the headline was ” INDIA BACK TO WINNING WAYS”(India suffered along streak of losses before that particular game and it was no different thereafter).

In some of the regional newspapers, Politicians have a stake and those newspapers publish news as if the politician who has a stake in that newspaper is an Emblem of Human service and his opponent is serial killer.So ,I as a citizen feel transparency is the most important thing  that is required in media . But we find it nowhere in Indian media Industry except for a few.

Another example is about a news channel , infact several national level news channels  which aired exclusive previews of the movie ” SIVAJI”, the Rajnikanth starrer that generated much hype(of course the hype was created by the same media)
. When there are a hell lot of national issues where media concentration is required ,the media is concentrating on the release of new movies, Dhoni’s new haircut, Deepika -Yuvraj affair,Shahid-Kareena Breakup and a hell lot of useless issues with the support of baseless assumptions.

Another pathetic instance is when a death or something lost is mourned, the media tries to show the same incident with some filmy background music that appeals to a greater section of audience addicted to saas-bahu soaps and to increase their TRP ratings.

So, what is the role of media defined as? A watch dog or a publicity agency?


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