In the last few months, Ive seen many of my friends getting into reading books extensively, some of them to improve their vocabulary, some of them develop a habit of reading and some others used it as a means of engaging themselves in the boring college lectures .(Ashamed to admit that I’m not among the above mentioned peers).But the end product is that by reading you gain something that is going to be useful at some or the other point of time. Of course, there are some voracious readers who have had this habit from their childhood, they are an exception. We get to know a number of unknown things to us by reading and this gives us a bit of confidence because knowledge is rewarded everywhere.

So, finally on one fine day, I thought of developing this habit and I started with The DaVinci Code, a famous novel written by Dan brown. There has also been a  cinematic representation of the same which had its own share of controversies and thats a totally different issue. But could not complete the novel even till date though I have started reading the same before four months. Then , I came to realise that the perseverance required for a reader is missing in me.In good four months time, I’m ashamed to say that  I didn’t even complete reading at least half of the book .

Then my friends were discussing about a novel called “Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT.”I would be lying if i say that I did not hear about the novel earlier. But as one of my friends suggested , I decided to give it a try. Immediately, the next day I went to a local Book store and brought a copy of the novel and I was amazed to see myself completing the same in a reading time of  6 hours, which is a great accomplishment given my level of understanding. I could relate the main characters among my friends and i could relate to some of the episodes(chapters) of the novel. So, the impetus of the accomplishment was the sheer interest generated by the author to keep the readers hooked to it.

I liked the way the novel was written in a simple and lucid manner and the author drove the point home. By the way, I didnot mention the name of the author, Mr.Chetan Bhagat an alumni of the prestigious IIT, where the whole story takes place.

So, my first accomplishment of reading a novel completely(given my track record of not completing anything I start), that too in a very short time, the entire credit goes to the author Chetan Bhagat.

Looking forward to reading his second novel named “One Night at the Call Centre”.


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