Anything revolutionary that is being launched in the market catches everyone’s attention and when a person accomplishes a task that many other compeers write off as impossible is really worth mentioning. January 10, 2008 is a red letter day not only in the Indian Automobile Industry , but also to the Global Automotive arena as the day witnessed the much talked about TATA onelakh car.

Way back in 2003 or 2004, a leading Indian Industrialist expressed his view in front of the media that he would like to see most of the middle class population in India to own a four wheeler which was then a luxury at a revolutionary price of one lakh. The person about whom Im referring is none other than the chairman of TATA sons, Mr.Ratan Tata.He promised that he would bring out a car for Rs. one lakh and hearing the same many other industrialists in the same field wrote his comments off and given the increasing prices of goods and commodities day by day, a car costing Rs. one lakh or 2000$ was not realistic.

Mr.Ratan Tata took the challenge and though the car’s launch was delayed for some time, it was finally showcased at the Auto Expo 08′ at Pragati Maidan,New Delhi, where a notable number of Dignitaries from various places have come to witness the wonder.

Mr.Ratan Tata

Finally the car was launched and as auto critics say, the car is a great value for money and the model was far beyond their expectations.the launch of the car was followed by a brief speech by Mr. Ratan Tata and at that juncture, he expressed that it was difficult to bring out a car of such standards and put a price tag of Rs.One lakh given the four years good time where there have been drastic changes in a number of fields , but at the end he remarked that ” The price of the car i.e; the dealer price of the basic model would be one lakh because A PROMISE IS A PROMISE”. This shows how Mr.Ratan Tata has valued his words and by this way, he has kept the good will of the company intact and made all critics take back their words.

In fact, after the launch the same companies which have written off Tatas valiant  attempt,made a statement that they would make a product that would cater to the same segment. Mr.Ratan Tata has kept the promise he made before four years, now lets question ourselves How many of us do really keep promises of our loved ones?

Definitely a lesson to be learnt!


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