The profile of a book store starts off having a dreary, dusty and browser unfriendly atmosphere which has discouraged all but serious book buyers. Books have always been revered as sacred tools of knowledge . It was the only source of edutainment before the advent of technology. The present generation which have earlier showed indifference to reading now flock to the book stores. Is this phenomenon in the pursuit of knowledge or is it just a fancy to the people who have been flocking to the book stores? Crossword, a leading national level bookstores has come out with a new concept where the book store is a lounge for reading. In haste you may name it a library, but this is different.This a book store along with a coffee bar with tables for everyone to sit and read their favourite literati , having their mood elevated already in reading the book and also by sipping a cup of your favourite coffee and listening to soothing music. What more can you expect as a book lover? This is heaven for book lovers.

The motto of this concept is to change the bookstore into a lifestyle utility as people are getting increasingly involved in leisurely pursuits. So , next time when you visit a bookstore, expect a barista to help you in browsing the literary stuff.


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