The week that has passed was very exhausting and a bit satisfying for me. First of all,my computer had a problem and I had to get it rectified for which I had to make several visits to a local dealer from whom I bought mine.It took almost one and a half week for that guy to repair it as he was not able to diagonise the problem as it was mostly seen by what I call that assistant as a QUACK.Secondly, I was satisfied because even though I had no means to engage myself as the computer and T.V to which Im usually hooked on to were not working I was pretty busy going in my bike around the city wearing the STINKING HELMET . One day happened to be the festival of Holi on which I hung out with my friends for quite some time which was very satisfying. Though Ive decided not to celebrate the festival of colors, but the thought of my friends enjoying made me to join the party.

But unfortunately I didn’t have the wisdom to take a camera along with me to take some memorable snaps with my friends .But the HOLI day was a very good holiday.



Yesterday,In the afternoon I happened to go out to attend some work and on my way I took time to meet my friend Pavan, a friend of mine from the past 7 years. We chatted for a while on some issues that were not related to us in any way. But we always do that I mean I have a hell lot of fun in discussing things with others that are not at all relevant to me. In fact, there were some issues that had to be taken care of but, after some time of heavy discussion( I admit I’m very poor at it and the other person always dominates me in any discussion or any argument) we decided to watch a movie and my friend reads ahell lot of books and in a way , he is addicted to books and some good movies. He put on an English film called ” The Girl Next Door” starring Elisha Cuthbert. I dont usually watch English movies unlessthey are action movies not because of my fascination towards action but some sort of ununderstandability of other genres of movies. But I was glued to this particular movie though it did not have any action consequences.I must say the movie was very sensible and had its share of audience.

Did you understand why I wrote this post?

You wont because I, myself don’t know why I have written this post.

But filled up my blog space. I’m happy .

Hope to write a sensible post at least next time.


Ive been thinking of posting the one I did now from a longtime. Im happy that my thoughts are taking shape at least now. Flirting is one particular thing that I havent worked on, to be frank.  In my schooldays ( very early) in Kindergarten, I used to be very close with a girl whom I thought to be my best friend. I really don’t think one would have any idea about flirting at that tender age. In the next two years I happened to change my school and Ive found one more female friend. She was a friend and I mean it. Our friendship was very good till a period of time after which she suddenly stopped being friendly with me as she thought that I was trying to flirt with her. After that our friendship as I thought  was sunk deep in the waters and never in my life again I had a female friend till now. A few months back, I happened to talk to an old classmate of mine and with my experience I was a bit cautious and I was being very reserved with her and she said that I was DUMB.Ive been listening to the words like NERD and DUMB of late more frequently and I have to agree that I was a nerd till a period of time , Iam Dumb even now, and most peoplesay Iam a Certified Psycho.

I happened to go through a number of personal blogs over the past few days as part of taking a few cues from those to improve my blog and in one particular blog there was a post by a lady software engineer looking for prospective grooms. She put forward two of her experiences, I mean chatting with her prospective groom which she had over a messenger service. The first person was based in US with a very heavy pocket and it seemed that he had no girlfriends in US as she enquired from his colleagues and her conclusion was that this guy was DUMB with work and had no girlfriends.  Fair enough , I must say. Encounter with another prospective groom who was more open to one’s opinions and who revealed all the relationships he had in past to her and who talked to her in jovial manner was labeled FLIRTATIOUS .

I’ve  learnt that if a guy doesn’t have girlfriends , he must be dumb or if he had relationship with one earlier, he was labeled a flirt master.My experience with FLIRTING  as it was labeled  concurred with the above ones  .  So, is the world full of DUMBERS and PHILANDERERS?  NEED not be because there are married men too………..

Feel free to write your comments  if you had a similar experience or anything you feel about it..


The last two weeks have been a bit satisfying and a bit depressing for quite some reasons. But this is the way it happens to everyone. With an increased amount of relaxation at home in the name of some literary pursuits, I slowly began to feel that Ive put on a bit of weight with no amount of exercise to the credit , blame it on the offset of the summer season or my increased frequency of hanging out with my friends. Ive never felt that Ive put on weight for the past four months though I have been a couch potato for a major period of that time. So I decided to go for a walk that refreshes my mind a bit and I must tell you that the walk was really refreshing. Setting out at a snail pace to check out some feline folk in our colony and to my surprise Ive found out that our so called orthodox colony has become a bit conservative as Ive happened to see a lot of changes and the main one being the freedom some women enjoyed in indulging in their amatory acts.I really wonder what the reason might be for this or is it being more social if looked at in a conservative idealogy. But any change is always welcome.There was a time when the so called orthodox society used a wild eye to see a normal talk between a guy and a gal . But as people say “Times Change” and I may have witnessed one of the testimonies. In a public organisation a month back a few executives have come to that organisation to utilise the incentives provided by their employer. There was one women and two men among the executives and I was shocked to see the aphrodisiac type of demeanor of the executives. My first impression of the executives was a very good one, but minutes later the two gentlemen were trying to get closer to the lady and to my surprise it appeared to me as if the lady was relishing the moment.I really dont know what the relationship between the individuals was, but such kind of uncivilised behaviour is not to be approved in public.

After the refreshing walk, I really felt that I need to go out more frequently walking.


      I, we rather, happen to see  a number of our friends or peers or  among our relations or neighbours’ leaving the place and they say that they(He/She) are hungry and they need to eat something to satisfy our hunger. One should admit that we are in a very good financial position to have access to internet and all forms of entertainment to be engaged all the time in some or the other activity. There are some lucky souls who are filthy rich,busy with their cell phones and hanging out with their friends every other weekend as they don’t know how to wipe out their earned money( I don’t say hard earned money as I believe if the money is hard earned, they wouldn’t have resorted to such luxurious lives).


Everyone in the world knows that there are some unfortunate souls on earth who require monetary and physical help  in some way or the other.There are very less people who take initiative for the benefit of these unfortunate souls.Now comes the HUNGER that Ive referred to in the previous paragraph. Many people around us say spend hell lot of money on food and I’m sure most of them are either Obese or have Alarming Cholesterol rates.And many studies proved that most happy souls on earth eat food if their mind is not engaged on anything else. I recently happen to see this site called Free Rice in one of my friends’ profile and i gave it a shot. The main motto of the site is to provide rice to people suffering with hunger below the poverty line with the money they get as their website gets a hit every time and to make sure that the users visit the site frequently, they have a vocabulary improvement exercise or a game rather which when plays knows ho much of rice He/She has contributed to the cause.

Another similar site is BHOOKH in which the money that gets on hits is totally dedicated to serve food to people who cant afford to their daily supper.These are nice initiatives that are very beneficial to the unprivileged along with something for the  visitor to boast of visiting.I wish to see more such sites that caters to the unprivileged.



I may sound frustrated but remember that these unprivileged people have seen what is exactly called as LIFE which most of us haven’t.Another point worth mentioning is that an advertisement relating to a   organisation that helps disabled people came out with a tagline                         DIFFERENTLY ABLED  NOT DISABLED.