I, we rather, happen to see  a number of our friends or peers or  among our relations or neighbours’ leaving the place and they say that they(He/She) are hungry and they need to eat something to satisfy our hunger. One should admit that we are in a very good financial position to have access to internet and all forms of entertainment to be engaged all the time in some or the other activity. There are some lucky souls who are filthy rich,busy with their cell phones and hanging out with their friends every other weekend as they don’t know how to wipe out their earned money( I don’t say hard earned money as I believe if the money is hard earned, they wouldn’t have resorted to such luxurious lives).


Everyone in the world knows that there are some unfortunate souls on earth who require monetary and physical help  in some way or the other.There are very less people who take initiative for the benefit of these unfortunate souls.Now comes the HUNGER that Ive referred to in the previous paragraph. Many people around us say spend hell lot of money on food and I’m sure most of them are either Obese or have Alarming Cholesterol rates.And many studies proved that most happy souls on earth eat food if their mind is not engaged on anything else. I recently happen to see this site called Free Rice in one of my friends’ profile and i gave it a shot. The main motto of the site is to provide rice to people suffering with hunger below the poverty line with the money they get as their website gets a hit every time and to make sure that the users visit the site frequently, they have a vocabulary improvement exercise or a game rather which when plays knows ho much of rice He/She has contributed to the cause.

Another similar site is BHOOKH in which the money that gets on hits is totally dedicated to serve food to people who cant afford to their daily supper.These are nice initiatives that are very beneficial to the unprivileged along with something for the  visitor to boast of visiting.I wish to see more such sites that caters to the unprivileged.

I may sound frustrated but remember that these unprivileged people have seen what is exactly called as LIFE which most of us haven’t.Another point worth mentioning is that an advertisement relating to a   organisation that helps disabled people came out with a tagline                         DIFFERENTLY ABLED  NOT DISABLED.


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