The last two weeks have been a bit satisfying and a bit depressing for quite some reasons. But this is the way it happens to everyone. With an increased amount of relaxation at home in the name of some literary pursuits, I slowly began to feel that Ive put on a bit of weight with no amount of exercise to the credit , blame it on the offset of the summer season or my increased frequency of hanging out with my friends. Ive never felt that Ive put on weight for the past four months though I have been a couch potato for a major period of that time. So I decided to go for a walk that refreshes my mind a bit and I must tell you that the walk was really refreshing. Setting out at a snail pace to check out some feline folk in our colony and to my surprise Ive found out that our so called orthodox colony has become a bit conservative as Ive happened to see a lot of changes and the main one being the freedom some women enjoyed in indulging in their amatory acts.I really wonder what the reason might be for this or is it being more social if looked at in a conservative idealogy. But any change is always welcome.There was a time when the so called orthodox society used a wild eye to see a normal talk between a guy and a gal . But as people say “Times Change” and I may have witnessed one of the testimonies. In a public organisation a month back a few executives have come to that organisation to utilise the incentives provided by their employer. There was one women and two men among the executives and I was shocked to see the aphrodisiac type of demeanor of the executives. My first impression of the executives was a very good one, but minutes later the two gentlemen were trying to get closer to the lady and to my surprise it appeared to me as if the lady was relishing the moment.I really dont know what the relationship between the individuals was, but such kind of uncivilised behaviour is not to be approved in public.

After the refreshing walk, I really felt that I need to go out more frequently walking.


3 thoughts on “WEIGHTY ISSUES

  1. “The race must continue! The race must continue! My vududium is pointing at your thrulungulator. The race must continue!”

    A.K.A: It is quite natural for opposites to attract because the human race must continue. So said Darwin and a lot of others before and after him.

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