Ive been thinking of posting the one I did now from a longtime. Im happy that my thoughts are taking shape at least now. Flirting is one particular thing that I havent worked on, to be frank.  In my schooldays ( very early) in Kindergarten, I used to be very close with a girl whom I thought to be my best friend. I really don’t think one would have any idea about flirting at that tender age. In the next two years I happened to change my school and Ive found one more female friend. She was a friend and I mean it. Our friendship was very good till a period of time after which she suddenly stopped being friendly with me as she thought that I was trying to flirt with her. After that our friendship as I thought  was sunk deep in the waters and never in my life again I had a female friend till now. A few months back, I happened to talk to an old classmate of mine and with my experience I was a bit cautious and I was being very reserved with her and she said that I was DUMB.Ive been listening to the words like NERD and DUMB of late more frequently and I have to agree that I was a nerd till a period of time , Iam Dumb even now, and most peoplesay Iam a Certified Psycho.

I happened to go through a number of personal blogs over the past few days as part of taking a few cues from those to improve my blog and in one particular blog there was a post by a lady software engineer looking for prospective grooms. She put forward two of her experiences, I mean chatting with her prospective groom which she had over a messenger service. The first person was based in US with a very heavy pocket and it seemed that he had no girlfriends in US as she enquired from his colleagues and her conclusion was that this guy was DUMB with work and had no girlfriends.  Fair enough , I must say. Encounter with another prospective groom who was more open to one’s opinions and who revealed all the relationships he had in past to her and who talked to her in jovial manner was labeled FLIRTATIOUS .

I’ve  learnt that if a guy doesn’t have girlfriends , he must be dumb or if he had relationship with one earlier, he was labeled a flirt master.My experience with FLIRTING  as it was labeled  concurred with the above ones  .  So, is the world full of DUMBERS and PHILANDERERS?  NEED not be because there are married men too………..

Feel free to write your comments  if you had a similar experience or anything you feel about it..



  1. well b4 i write a comment on dis chap, lemme say dis dear frnd of mine in not a NERD.. i dont no y he thinks lyk tat.. hes got gr8 undiscovered potential in him… and regarding flirting my goodness hes a champ.. do u no he flirted wit wipro HR during his interview oops and he got selected..hes got killer smile which can pierce any womans heart without pain,..hahhahahah
    wat all hes wriiten is damn good very funny and thought provoking…….dude nvr ever feel that ur a NERD………….

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