Yesterday,In the afternoon I happened to go out to attend some work and on my way I took time to meet my friend Pavan, a friend of mine from the past 7 years. We chatted for a while on some issues that were not related to us in any way. But we always do that I mean I have a hell lot of fun in discussing things with others that are not at all relevant to me. In fact, there were some issues that had to be taken care of but, after some time of heavy discussion( I admit I’m very poor at it and the other person always dominates me in any discussion or any argument) we decided to watch a movie and my friend reads ahell lot of books and in a way , he is addicted to books and some good movies. He put on an English film called ” The Girl Next Door” starring Elisha Cuthbert. I dont usually watch English movies unlessthey are action movies not because of my fascination towards action but some sort of ununderstandability of other genres of movies. But I was glued to this particular movie though it did not have any action consequences.I must say the movie was very sensible and had its share of audience.

Did you understand why I wrote this post?

You wont because I, myself don’t know why I have written this post.

But filled up my blog space. I’m happy .

Hope to write a sensible post at least next time.


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