The week that has passed was very exhausting and a bit satisfying for me. First of all,my computer had a problem and I had to get it rectified for which I had to make several visits to a local dealer from whom I bought mine.It took almost one and a half week for that guy to repair it as he was not able to diagonise the problem as it was mostly seen by what I call that assistant as a QUACK.Secondly, I was satisfied because even though I had no means to engage myself as the computer and T.V to which Im usually hooked on to were not working I was pretty busy going in my bike around the city wearing the STINKING HELMET . One day happened to be the festival of Holi on which I hung out with my friends for quite some time which was very satisfying. Though Ive decided not to celebrate the festival of colors, but the thought of my friends enjoying made me to join the party.

But unfortunately I didn’t have the wisdom to take a camera along with me to take some memorable snaps with my friends .But the HOLI day was a very good holiday.


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