I finally got to see the much acclaimed, fun filled and said to be the most coolest movie last year i.e; Happy Days  and I got to tell you that all the talk surrounding the movie was really worth it.  Somehow I ,as a student related many incidents in the movie and I could identify the characters among my friends (of course, everyone did that). But  I really felt  left out  as it was a movie which had to be seen with friends. Today evening, I heard that our entire class had been to the movie together and I really felt missed out. The period when Happy Days created waves were the most unhappy days for me. I had to be quarantined for a good period of time because of my illness and I really missed out on all the happy moments.

Somehow I get attracted to anything that reflects student life. Five point someone was a very good example and a rare accomplishment. I heard about another novel ” Anything for you ma’am” which has a similar story to that  of a few scenes in Happy days .Iam really looking forward to buy the novel and read it. As the title reminds me of something I cherished in my life.


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