” Deliver the goods when it matters the most ” doesn’t hold good for maximum number of instances. But the person who delivers the goods when it matters the most doesn’t get the credit . Why is this so? There are a number of personal experiences where the Deserving Candidate did not get any credit. But others who are not good enough ( in my opinion) hogged the limelight. The same holds true for Indian Cricket. Eight of every ten in India say that Sachin Tendulkar is their favorite cricketer. But one has to admit the fact a number of times, when it mattered the most , sachin failed miserably. I admit he has produced some extraordinary knocks during his career, and also saved India from some extreme lows.

But one guy who has come good almost everytime when India was in a danger was VVS Laxman. Tendulkar also played some super knocks in times of necessity like 139 vs Pakistan in Chennai, 1999 and his century against the likes of firce pace attack of Pakistan in Perth, 1989, but those knocks unfortunately did not help India save the match.On the contrary, VVS Laxman delivered when it mattered the most like his 281 vs Australia in 2001, century Vs pakistan in ODi series final in 2004 and also Vs Australia in VB series and not to forget his 58 in his debut match vs South Africs where he had tail for hius comapny , but still managed to score a decent 58 that helped India clinch the match , Of course, Srinath’s 6 wicket haul also helped. But most people don’t care what his contribution to Indian Cricket was . There are some other dark horses who seldom got the credit they deserved such as Anil Kumble, Mohd.Kaif and to name a few…


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