Everything in the world has a reason behind its functioning. In good olden days, when there was no rat race in getting good ranks and high grades , the main motive of education was to develop a good character and later good and quality education meant well settled careers with very good pay packages followed by white collared jobs. The present generation has access to very good source of education and the awareness the present generation has without any arguement is very good when compared to the previous generations. The emerging corporate culture and increased globalization meant further improvement in the standard of living , which is not beneficial to everyone. Now a days ,most of my friends are opting for a management degree after some work experience which in my opinion is a very good career. And I’m happy to say that most of my friends have a valid reason to say so. But the way one of my good friends advocated it was that the return of investment on MBA degree was very high and I felt he really thought the MBA way. And the weirdest reason I heard was that he/she did not want to work for(under) some other person.

And I really felt my friends are on the right path of success as the annual average salary for the ISB ( Indian School of Business) at Hyderabad was a whopping 57 Lakhs and therefore, there’s every reason to go for an MBA.

After all this I feel the definition for MBA has changed.

MBA – Most Bankable Asset

Source : The Times of India


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