What is the most irritating thing that makes you go nuts when you go out? For me its Hyderabad Traffic.

We live in Hyderabad, a city which is a leader when comes to IT and Infrastructure with some revolutionary projects cropping up to make the standard of living more comfortable. But on the other side, it is a city with people who has a very diffident attitude towards most trivial, yet important things. Most educated people in Hyderabad lack Civic Sense. I really don’t understand why people don’t follow certain rules that are intended not only for their safety , but also towards others like traffic rules. Six of ten people cross the white line when at a traffic halt and ninety percent people skip the red signal causing chaos on the road. And motorists in Hyderabad are to be given an award for driving in a direction perpendicular to normal traffic and touch speeds as if they are in a grand prix, not to mention the autowallahs who crop up from nowhere and are ready for a brawl any time on the road. And next comes the traffic authorities who target students and youth to get that extra penny. So , when is it going to be organised ? I see not in the next ten years.

My experience a few days back was I was near Bottles and Chimneys , Begumpet where there was a traffic junction and the red signal was displayed. I stopped there , even though the traffic was very sparse , But a gentleman behind my bike,a person who seemed to be around 50 yrs blew my ears out with the horn of his car as if his spouse was running away with someone.

But there are some nice initiatives that Hyderabad Traffic Police have taken up like awareness among school children and even Corporate Bigwigs are into traffic awareness programs. But it can only see a positive change if people work collectively and even the vigilance discharge their duties accordingly.

A typical traffic jam in Hyderabad looks a follows



  1. I’m from Bangalore and its the same here too. And when compared with Hyd, the number of vehjcles are much more here which creates huge traffic jams. Awareness programmes are very much required

  2. Believe this is the case in almost all cities in India.

    There’s some solace in the fact that Hyd traffic is a bit more regulated when compared to that in Mumbai and Bangalore!

    Sigh! Why do we humans always compare ourselves with things on the lower rung! 😉

  3. Yes I agree with you… we recently shifted to Hyderabad and we had the same experience, it took weeks for us to get adjusted to the traffic. Traffic regulations are very poor here.
    Hope if they put heavy fine or strict regulations, at least then our people will try to follow the rules.

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