Last week , In Vijayawada, a town in Andhra Pradesh , notorious for student criminals and caste based discrimination has been in the news once again after a psychopath brutally attempted to kill his former girlfriend after he was betrayed by her. The convict , Sandeep a 4th year engineering student who is a senior to the victim Meenakumari tried to cut her neck with a knife and also attempted a suicide by cutting his nerves on the wrist citing mental trauma after the victim betrayed him after their relationship.

The victim suffering from severe cuts was confirmed to have no risk to her life after sufficient treatment from the doctors. It is during this time that the media exploited the incident to its full benefit as the regional channels utilised their creative skills in the best way possible to picturise the incident and remake it again in their own version almost like a hands on tutorial to budding criminals. Also the picturisation includes a masala background music which one could identify with the hit films.

The root cause I believe for such instances to occur is the lack of proper education among the teenage and youth which is a MAKE OR BREAK time for every one. When a guy or a gal doesn’t have anything to do and has no worries, I would rather say when he/she doesn’t have any avocations to get involved , then they think of some pleasures and the first one that strike their mind is flirting as it is the fancy of their age as shown in most of the films. You see many men in their teens or early 20’s sitting on their bikes along with their friends in front of many colleges or coaching centers to make a pass at the girls. Even some girls are to be blamed for dressing up in very unparliamentary clothes that attract the opposite sex. But one must try to live in society with peace and harmony as our so called fundamental rights support whatever people do. Though a number of measures are taken up to curb eve teasing, its of no use as more such people come to light after the regional channels air such incidents repeatedly. Now a days, the frequency of such incidents has increased I believe only after seeing the rush in the TV channels. And in Bangalore,a street near a womens college has been named LOAFER LANE as most male students pass their time near the college.


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