Visakhapatnam (vizag) has proved second time lucky for me. Last year almost during the same time, I with my friends , I mean my classmates were on a trip to vizag for a campus recruitment drive conducted by WIPRO. Some how everything went on very well and I along with my friends got selected for the same. The placements slipped away from our hands in the way we got them ( very easily) because of the HR being involved in a scam of 6 cr. As fate would have had it, I had to take a break in my education and I thought I would be fit for nothing once I get through my engineering.But fortunately or unfortunately I happened to attend a recruitment at the same place conducted by Infosys in which by the grace of god I got selected. But I dont really have the joy in my mind right now that I got selected. there may be many reasons for that. Firstly, this is not my first job offer, this time I had to pass time with my juniors with whom I’m still to share a rapport , so the trip to vizag was quite a bitter experience. But soon after I came to know that I cleared the first round, I was pretty sure that I could make it to the final list and fortunately the same happened. The person who interviewed me was a very old man who made me very comfortable during the whole conversation.

HR – Interviewer Me – Myself

Me : Good Afternoon sir

HR : Good Afternoon. Please be seated.

Me : Thank You Sir.

HR : Mr. Sai Manohar, Can I have a lookat your Bio- Data.

Me : Sure sir ( Handed over my resume to him)

HR : You are pretty sure that all the information regarding your academics is true.

Me : yes Sir ( I was asked to sign ata few places with date)

HR : Your Academics seem to be very good till your +2, But Can i know the reason why your percentage in Engineering has come down

Me : Sir, Till My Intermediate, I was just a scoring machine and till that time I believed that only marks are enough to lead a successful life. But it is only after joining in my college that I met people coming from different backgrounds and After interacting with them I came to know their perspectives and how differently people think. In short my college life was a melting pot of cultures .( I was interrupted )

HR : Anytime in your career, did you have the chance of leading a team?

Me : No, Sir.

HR : Ok did you manage any event in your college?

Me; Yes Sir, I was a member in a committee that was instrumental in making our technical fest ” technoheights ” successful.

HR : In that process,what problems did you face while working with others?

Me : The main Problem I faced was conflict of opinions among the members of the organising committee .

HR : Were you able to sort out the problem.

Me : Yes sir, I used to listen to what others used to patiently though I used to feel that thats not the way that particular thing has to be done..Once we started working , I used to explain others in a very soft tone. how it could have been better or else I used to work on it and show them that my opinion was better.

HR : So what did u get to learn from it.

Me : Listening plays a very important role in being a successful team player . Ultimately everyone would want their team to win and Im no different.

HR : Thats what I wanted to hear from you.

HR : Could you summarise what you have learnt by attending the workshop of BIO DIESEL?

ME :Answered.

HR: Do you know Jatropha’s local (telugu) name?

ME : Sorry sir,I dont know.

HR :(Laughing) Asked me to solve a puzzle :

Me : Gave the answer.( HR was not satisfied)

HR: What I wanted to tell you that your performance need to be consistent once you join the organisation. If it isn’t you may be asked to go back home. You must be prepared for that.

ME : Yes sir.

Hr : Ok Mr.Sai Manohar. Thats it. ( sort of a signal indicating that the interview is over)

ME: Thank You very much sir. It was very nice talking to you.

HR: Good luck….



As I’ve said earlier that IPL is a big hit. Also that many big names did not live up to the expectations. A lot was expected from Dravid, ganguly,Laxman. But Sachin Tendulkar, the captain of Mumbai Indians hadf to sit out for the first round because of a groin injury. Sachin is yet to feature in a T20 game and this leaves me enthused about how he fares in this format of the game.

Once upon a time I was a huge cricket fan of Cricket and Sachin Tendulkar. During the 1999 world cup,I was in my 8th standard, and Sachin was endorsing Pepsi ( and he still does) . There is an Advertisement of Pepsi featuring school students of rural maharashtra wearing masks of sachin, drinking Pepsi and emulating their hero, none other than Sachin. When they distribute Pepsi among them, they realise that Sachin was with them. The Ad had a ,marathi background music with a few marathi catchy lyrics( catchy bcoz Ive learnt those lines) which goes like this.

AAEEEEEEEEEEE   Ghumad Ghumad kar………….

Arey Ghumad Ghumad kar cheera garje dil ye bole jhoom ke bole taare choole

Pyaar Bhari hai..aur bhi badle…….;

Arey tol ke bandhan tol ke taale yeh dil maange more…….

Just hoping that I got it right.

A surprise for all the Indians who watched the movies Rang de Basanti, Taare zameen Par .

Who proposed the caption  ” Yeh Dil Maange More ” for Pepsi..

Its none other than the lyricist Prasoon Joshi.

Just a trivia..Iam not aiming to teach anyone……..

Indian Premier League – 1

The first edition of IPL has been a tremendous hit. The brain child of Lalit Modi who struck the chord at the right time when most Indians enjoy their summer vacation . The tournament has become extremely popular with the biggest names playing with each other. On the whole its pure entertainment. This is the period when the box office fares well with big budget releases lined up with carrying the burden of enormous expectations from the fans. During this vacation, most people go to watch movies. Because of the advent of IPL, the profits sunk by 40 %. On the other hand, the cash rich BCCI ( Board of Control for Cricket in India) is becoming richer.

IPL had its share of controversies and the first one that comes to my mind was the Sreesanth Bhajji slapping incident when Sreesanth broke down on the field . The video footage showed that former Indian Team manager Mr. Lalchand Rajput clapped when Harbhajan slapped Sree. Another reason was that Preity Zinta , the owner of Mohali franchise refused to hug Sreesanth after their win against Mumbai Indians. But Harbhajan and Sreesanth were always in the news, mostly for wrong reasons.

The first round of matches have come to an end and the big names like Dhoni, Ganguly, Dravid didnt justify their price tag. The much anticipated domestic players like S.Badrinath and few others did not live up to the expectations. But it was the Pathan Brothers both Irfan and Yusuf who came good when their team needed them the most and delivered the goods when it mattered the most.

The high profile teams like Kolkata Knight Riders, Deccan Chargers, Mumbai Indians didnt show their real mettle. But surprisingly, It is the much underestimated and low profile Rajasthan Royals team captained and coached by spin wizard Shane Warne that stood ahead in the Race.

Ganguly’s attitude was again questioned when Shane Warne blasted a few verbal blows in front of the media and added to the wrath was Umar Gul making statements against his captain. Time for franchise owner Shah Rukh Khan to sit with his guys and settle the matter rather than making frequent visits to France, UK for his personal obligations.

But the atmosphere in each match is electrifying with loads of entertainment. IPL I believe will go a long way . The next edition promises to be more entertaining as BCCi is coming to terms with ECB regarding Player agreements.

Hail IPL.


Everyone has got to pay for his deeds. This is what people call karma. Another definition of karma was given by my meditation teacher, a bank employee who said that gratitude is what you call karma. From both , what i got to interpret was that karma is nothing but Balance of deeds in life. One has got to admit that everyone had their share of highs and lows in the brief stay on Earth. Most people are ruled by their wishes, egos, desires etc; And eight out every ten try to show their importance when they are needed the most. This is what Ive seen from majority of people and I’m no different. But at the end of the day one need to understand that neither success nor failure is permanent and its the journey that we need to stick on .

I believe attitude has got to do a lot under these circumstances . And most people who speak freaking attitude lingo only show or exhibit attitude. I reckon they really don’t have one and nor do I. But why don’t these people realize that whatever we do is the best of our strengths and play the blame game.

I think one who has tasted success has got to deal with failure at a later point of time and he who has just failed ( failed is different from failure – failed refers to failing once and failure is failing everytime) is going to relish thefruit of success at a later point of time. This is a cycle called the KARMA CYCLE .


Of late, I have been into blogging and after repeated attempts to change the look ( of course with the few themes that wordpress offers), my blog is still looking awkward. But more than the look , its the content that needs to have a kick. I feel I’m posting some useless posts as dumb as I’m and I still expect readers to peek into my blog regularly. This is nothing but mere perspiration from inspiration.

I’ve read quite a number of blogs that can be read and at least one post which makes the readers interesting , but my content looks like absolute shit. You may wonder why this muter is writing all this shit? Just because I wanted to be more clear about what I write in my blog.

I think this is the second time I’m yelling about substance and content of writing and I still feel like a writer.

Of late Ive realized that I came close to being a leader in a group of fools rather than being an idiot in a group of if not greats atleast good fellows.

Thats what failure means to me not clear about what someone does for himself as I do , but still think of myself as a champion of game.

This is shit …absolute shit

Really felt p***ed off.


The above anagrams are very synonymous as far as EDUCATION in India especially, in a state called Andhra Pradesh is concerned.
I’m a soon to be graduate studying in India, said to be the biggest democracy in the world. My area of study happens to be mechanical engineering which happened to be accidentally. Most people talk of education as a means of sustaining socially and financially and I’m no different.
But what if a person who has a fleet of degrees but no humanity. Because what I saw with people around me with extremely good academic performance was they were not THAT GOOD humans. Most intellectuals say education must instill the qualities of sincerity, honesty, obedience and to name a few. But the present education system leaves no scope for such development.I see many students of class X burning midnight oil right from the beginning of the academic year because of their grade hungry parents and educational institutions craving for admissions.

Education is AUCTIONED as a good amount of money spent on buying degrees or certificates( I mean it).So educational institutions have turned out to be money spinning organizations with the emergence of corporates in the field of education in a move to improve the infrastructure of educational institutions.

As far as CAUTIONED is concerned, the present generation young kids going to school are a very pampered lot and if such is the case, a lot of care has to be taken to instill some moral values to these kids because as time passes, we see these school kids becoming another American generation who meet their parents on Thanks giving day.