The above anagrams are very synonymous as far as EDUCATION in India especially, in a state called Andhra Pradesh is concerned.
I’m a soon to be graduate studying in India, said to be the biggest democracy in the world. My area of study happens to be mechanical engineering which happened to be accidentally. Most people talk of education as a means of sustaining socially and financially and I’m no different.
But what if a person who has a fleet of degrees but no humanity. Because what I saw with people around me with extremely good academic performance was they were not THAT GOOD humans. Most intellectuals say education must instill the qualities of sincerity, honesty, obedience and to name a few. But the present education system leaves no scope for such development.I see many students of class X burning midnight oil right from the beginning of the academic year because of their grade hungry parents and educational institutions craving for admissions.

Education is AUCTIONED as a good amount of money spent on buying degrees or certificates( I mean it).So educational institutions have turned out to be money spinning organizations with the emergence of corporates in the field of education in a move to improve the infrastructure of educational institutions.

As far as CAUTIONED is concerned, the present generation young kids going to school are a very pampered lot and if such is the case, a lot of care has to be taken to instill some moral values to these kids because as time passes, we see these school kids becoming another American generation who meet their parents on Thanks giving day.



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