Of late, I have been into blogging and after repeated attempts to change the look ( of course with the few themes that wordpress offers), my blog is still looking awkward. But more than the look , its the content that needs to have a kick. I feel I’m posting some useless posts as dumb as I’m and I still expect readers to peek into my blog regularly. This is nothing but mere perspiration from inspiration.

I’ve read quite a number of blogs that can be read and at least one post which makes the readers interesting , but my content looks like absolute shit. You may wonder why this muter is writing all this shit? Just because I wanted to be more clear about what I write in my blog.

I think this is the second time I’m yelling about substance and content of writing and I still feel like a writer.

Of late Ive realized that I came close to being a leader in a group of fools rather than being an idiot in a group of if not greats atleast good fellows.

Thats what failure means to me not clear about what someone does for himself as I do , but still think of myself as a champion of game.

This is shit …absolute shit

Really felt p***ed off.


One thought on “FAILURE

  1. If you blog for the comments, you are bound to be disappointed. Even the most popular sites, those that attract thousands of visitors per day or per hour, receive only a few comments relative to the number of hits.

    If you are passionate about something and want to share your knowledge, you will attract people who are as interested in the topic as you are. A few will leave a comment or two, but most will simply read what you have to say and go on to the next blog.

    Good luck.

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