Visakhapatnam (vizag) has proved second time lucky for me. Last year almost during the same time, I with my friends , I mean my classmates were on a trip to vizag for a campus recruitment drive conducted by WIPRO. Some how everything went on very well and I along with my friends got selected for the same. The placements slipped away from our hands in the way we got them ( very easily) because of the HR being involved in a scam of 6 cr. As fate would have had it, I had to take a break in my education and I thought I would be fit for nothing once I get through my engineering.But fortunately or unfortunately I happened to attend a recruitment at the same place conducted by Infosys in which by the grace of god I got selected. But I dont really have the joy in my mind right now that I got selected. there may be many reasons for that. Firstly, this is not my first job offer, this time I had to pass time with my juniors with whom I’m still to share a rapport , so the trip to vizag was quite a bitter experience. But soon after I came to know that I cleared the first round, I was pretty sure that I could make it to the final list and fortunately the same happened. The person who interviewed me was a very old man who made me very comfortable during the whole conversation.

HR – Interviewer Me – Myself

Me : Good Afternoon sir

HR : Good Afternoon. Please be seated.

Me : Thank You Sir.

HR : Mr. Sai Manohar, Can I have a lookat your Bio- Data.

Me : Sure sir ( Handed over my resume to him)

HR : You are pretty sure that all the information regarding your academics is true.

Me : yes Sir ( I was asked to sign ata few places with date)

HR : Your Academics seem to be very good till your +2, But Can i know the reason why your percentage in Engineering has come down

Me : Sir, Till My Intermediate, I was just a scoring machine and till that time I believed that only marks are enough to lead a successful life. But it is only after joining in my college that I met people coming from different backgrounds and After interacting with them I came to know their perspectives and how differently people think. In short my college life was a melting pot of cultures .( I was interrupted )

HR : Anytime in your career, did you have the chance of leading a team?

Me : No, Sir.

HR : Ok did you manage any event in your college?

Me; Yes Sir, I was a member in a committee that was instrumental in making our technical fest ” technoheights ” successful.

HR : In that process,what problems did you face while working with others?

Me : The main Problem I faced was conflict of opinions among the members of the organising committee .

HR : Were you able to sort out the problem.

Me : Yes sir, I used to listen to what others used to patiently though I used to feel that thats not the way that particular thing has to be done..Once we started working , I used to explain others in a very soft tone. how it could have been better or else I used to work on it and show them that my opinion was better.

HR : So what did u get to learn from it.

Me : Listening plays a very important role in being a successful team player . Ultimately everyone would want their team to win and Im no different.

HR : Thats what I wanted to hear from you.

HR : Could you summarise what you have learnt by attending the workshop of BIO DIESEL?

ME :Answered.

HR: Do you know Jatropha’s local (telugu) name?

ME : Sorry sir,I dont know.

HR :(Laughing) Asked me to solve a puzzle :

Me : Gave the answer.( HR was not satisfied)

HR: What I wanted to tell you that your performance need to be consistent once you join the organisation. If it isn’t you may be asked to go back home. You must be prepared for that.

ME : Yes sir.

Hr : Ok Mr.Sai Manohar. Thats it. ( sort of a signal indicating that the interview is over)

ME: Thank You very much sir. It was very nice talking to you.

HR: Good luck….


2 thoughts on “SECOND TIME LUCKY

  1. I always knew if it weren’t you who gonna make infy then no one else could ……Now its just time to sing happy happy… 🙂

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