Now that the Indian Premier League has come to an end , Viewers like me who have got addicted to it have found no means to engage ourselves in the nights. Surprisingly, I;m in the same hangover as Im switching on the TV at 8Pm and automatically browsing the channels for cricket updates. The film Industry in India which is said to be one of the biggest money making and entertaining means, has seen a down side in the season where everyone usually flock to the theatres to watch the movies in the summer vacation. And you know what, the idea of IPL is soon going to make a place in the curriculum of management education.Most people say Lalit Modi deserves all the credit. And the winner Rajasthan Royals story has been nothing short of a fairy tale. Labeled as underdogs by cricket pundits and criticized for spending very less ( the least) in buying players, has come out victorious. Most other teams looked very good on paper but when it came to execution, Royals were spot on. Their captain Shane Warne deserved most of the credit as he brought out raw talent like swapnil asnodkar, yusuf pathan and handled his team very efficiently to reach the pinnacle.

Nice to see a team with no glamour quotient performing so well.
Other teams lost out both on and off the field with their share of controversies.

My only regret was that I could not make it to a single match..but thank god, I was able to see the practise session of deccan chargers with the likes of gilly and to name the others..

IPL is here to stay and Iam eagerly waiting for its second season…


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