” Customer satisfaction is our motto” is the one liner we come across in most of the retail stores. India has witnessed this retail boom very recently with a great number of retail chains spreading from the big cities to small ones, the big ones becoming more bigger becoming a one stop shop for all. Such was Vah magna , a subsidiary of Magna food division .

The above supermarket is the one I referred to in the previous paragraph and It looks big in terms of everything. And naturally most of the  middle class families flocked to the supermarket to have a sneak peek.Given that the locality in which we reside ( the same one where this supermarket cropped up ) was mainly a middle class society which was slowly getting into upper middle class. But what I noticed that  people arent their usual demeanor at these big places, I mean they try to show off. They try to yell at the salesmen , demand early billing from the billing counter and pester the manager for trivial things which seem totally abnormal. In some shopping malls, where the High society people show their attitude sort of thing to get noticed, which I think is observed by these growing middle class very well. When I happened to just peek into the supermarket I described above, there was a middle aged lady who seemed to look educated who was in the same billing line as I were.She happened to buy some fruits and vegetables
and the total bill amounted to Rs. xxx. 65 paise. She started talking to the billing person in a soft tone that she has to get another 35 paise change, but the billing person said that it was not possible as there was no such denomination. Then the lady started yelling at the manager and the person who billed her groceries that they were cheating people of 50 paise. And mind you she was so eloquent in her speech.

Is this the kind of behaviour expected from an educated person. In another instance,in a hospital where I was in the queue to pay the bill, a lady in her mid 40’s has come after me and yet she went ahead of me to pay the bill. Before I arrived at the scene there was an old man who was in his 70’s who has got to pay the bill, he requested us in the queue to allow him to pay he bill as he was not able to stand for a long time. Then this lady started to teach the old person manners and etiquettes saying that first come should be served first , another person smartly dressed joined the lady in instructing the old man, sort of warning the old man to stand in the queue came from nowhere and joined the queue and completed his formalities ahead of others. These kind of people never follow what they preach, and they don’t even have regard for elders. So such is the attitude of educated people in India .


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