While going through a number of other blogs,( which I keep doing all time) Ive found a blog called BLOGDHABA which was quite humorous and the jokes on marriage were very good. Given that I had a bad day the day I read the blog, the posts really made me smile a few minutes.

jus click at this place which i feel is a fine example of creativity. Folks, just sit back and enjoy this .

One confession Ive really got to make at this point as the thought of creativity has cropped up. before a few years, Ive thought myself to be one of the most creative writers and was over obsessed with the fact that I didnt get good opportunity. But after entering this blogosphere Ive got to admit that I stand nowhere when it comes to posting some stuff that entertains my readers( though I haven’t got any niche readers) . But Im thinking of posting humorous stuff that entertains people . Most of my posts have been a sort of preach me the rule kinda thing.

One fellow blogger rating my blog said that she would wait to read a post that a good prose, poetry etc; I must say I’m very thankful to her for her comment or suggestion ( whatever it is) .



  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the links. Those were humorous indeed! It would have been better if you had a “Subscribe via Email/RSS” option out here. I have added your blog to my blogroll. Keep writing!

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