Its the time when some of my friends aspiring for higher studies are leaving abroad to fulfill their ambitions. Its really heartening to know they have a goal in mind and they worked quite successfully towards achieving it. Most of them are leaving for the US of A and yesterday my good friend gowtham happened to start his journey to the land of Uncle Sam. A bunch of our friends spent some quality time with him before his journey and we all accompanied him to the Airport to send him off. My friend was all up for his visit to US and he had various ambitions apart from his academics. During the check in time, most of the aspirants who were about to take a break from the happy life that they spent in the company of their parents and friends were in tears at the time of check in. But Im happy that I witnessed a happy send off as he bade goodbye with a genuine smile. I really don’t know what kind of emotions would be running in the mind for the first timers with a hell lot of matters of their personal concern and a lot of obligations to fulfill in a literally No mans land and people say that Life in such conditions teaches you a lot and makes you a stronger person willing to take on anything. Im sure he would be back with flying colors and I wish all my other friends who are on a similar mission the very best of luck. So bidding good bye to them till I meet them the next time.


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