August 11 2007 was a red letter day in my life . It was the day I underwent a live related kidney transplant donated by my mother. I take this opportunity to salute my mothers’ infact , the whole of motherhood in this world for having such a compassionate heart . I wouldnt have lived now, in fact i wouldnt have been alive writing this particular post if my mother hadn’t been so kind. Kind is a big understatement but I cant help it as Im pretty poor at vocabulary. My 14 day stay at the hospital last year the same time had made me see what life is. I think it wouldnt be euphemistic if I say I was on the edge of a roof called life the same time last year.

During my recovery, I happened to know how the life of a kidney recipient would be and I was literally depressed for the fear of morbidity. But when i met other people of the recipient community, I began to think that god has been very kind to me for giving me a second lease of life in a situation where there was literally an exit. As I came back to normalcy , Ive come to know that many of my relatives, friends and some people who I dont even know prayed for my well being. Iam very thankful to all of them. Ive really made chill run through their spine..Im sorry for that…

Atleast from now, I hope to lead a disciplined life…….

Thanking my family and the almighty and the team of doctors who were god sent, I take leave…


One thought on “THANK YOU ALL…………………

  1. Hi, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. And congrats to you too for your 1st anniversary of renal transplant. You must not despair as there are many of us abound all over the world. If you have browsed through my blog you will have noticed that over 20 years post transplant, life has been good and promising, travelling, pursuing my career and hobbies, and long lost dreams, not to mention having my 2 lovely sons. From your blog, I cant quite make out if you are a male or female

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