Four Years Back……

                 It was almost four years back that I had to get into the shoes of a college student after completing my + 2 . I had great expectations of my college life and had various dreams about what my college life would be. Fortunately , I have got into mechanical engineering which I have a sort of affinity towards it because of my fascination for automobiles. Now that Iam in my final year of graduation I got to recollect most of the memories of my undergraduate education as I see many new students taking admission into our college . The day I took the admission for mechanical engineering  I was quite relieved as I was hopeful for the same and the very next day I had to report in my college. The night before the day I took the admission was a sleepless night with varied emotions of excitement and nervousness among many ( most importantly I had to get over my lethargy) . But the first few weeks in my college were a bit boring as most of my friends hadn’t had such a rapport or a bond of friendship. It was only during the college fest that we got really close to another and we formed a great bond of friendship. And the bond continued thereafter…..

             Different students, different aspirations,  but one place COLLEGE…

             My First day at college was  a very normal day. Made a few friends , feared of being ragged, wondered how the canteen would look like..of course how the girls in our college looked…

after four years, I must say there are a lot of sweet memories to carry forward, a college life is a must for all to learn and leap………..


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