SMS – Shit Message Service

The most fascinating thing I felt by owning a cell phone was the SMS ( Short Message Service ) which I thought would be a great way to send a message or communicate ( without the usual How do u do stuff etc;) and some forward messages in the form of jokes and some updates on latest movies and of course live cricket score.And if used effectively , it is also a very good channel for marketing .

But nowadays, I happen to receive some forward messages which I think don’t deserve a better name than SHIT . Some of them which take the name of god and which says to forward the same to another good number of people to avoid bad luck. And to my horror, I received a message which says would extend the life of your loved ones if forwarded to eleven people or your loved ones will die in eleven days…

The above shows one such message..

What’s this shit  ?   The guys who send me such messages are educated , but I find this strange. I sent an SMS to the guy who send me the message and he reverted back saying that it was sentimental to him and he really cant avoid such things..

What’s the solution…I don’t know..But I’m deleting all such messages to stop the spreading shit.


2 thoughts on “SMS – Shit Message Service

  1. I totally accord with you Mano… SMS is becoming a shit message service….very seldom you find a forward message in your inbox that’s worth reading!

    I had a similar experience with one of the friend’s SMS saying that if I won’t forward it to 13 people within 13 minutes my parents would die!!?? the reply was the same one as you have stated here…feared of losing the loved one?! Ooops!

    I think such people should start think using their brains and stop pissing this sort of shit…

  2. yeah…these educated fools…Yes these guys are foolish than we are who are misusing what could be a great way of keeping in touch with frns and loved ones… and a better means of communication
    first shud throw some shit on the guy/gal who started this chain of ignorance….

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