A Sheer Coincidence

A few weeks back, I happened to see a movie in Telugu called    “Sri Potuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami Charitra “ starring the legendary NTR, which was touted as one of the best social movies ever made. I would say that it was an Indian version of ” Prophecies of Nostradamus” . But the movie was very engaging and it was very educative. Most of the prophecies of Sri Potuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami and Nostradamus had great concurrence. It was only after seeing that movie, I developed some interest towards this book ( Prophecies of Nostradamus) To an extent, I had downloaded an ebook and tried reading it. Since most of the prophecies were in poetic form I couldnt understand them. Fortunately, I have downloaded a documentary of the same and watched it with great awe.


The movie showed the expression of Nostradamus prophecies in pictorial and poetic form. The book was interpreted by various historians across different parts of the world and most of the pictures were connected to the world events in the past. The pictures had a striking resemblance to most of the events that involved christianity. There were some shocking prophecies made in the book by nostradamus and even by Veerabrahmendra Swami that are yet to be witnessed by this world. The final interpretation that was made by most of the historians in the doicumentary after thoroughly analysing the book were that we people, living in the present day are on the edge of history and the world from now becomes destructive with a lot more hatred, loss of values leading to various natural disasters, loss of life and more comprehensivley, there are very tough times ahead.
After this I was totally immersed thinking about the prophecies. Just after I woke up today , My father who was watching the news told me that there was a terrorist attack in Mumbai and many people were taken hostages apart from very large number being killed. I really felt that was one bad Deja Vu . At 9 pm in the night on this letter day , the battle between the terrorists and the armed forces are still on and I hope the terrorists are nabbed as soon as possible without further loss of life. I can do nothin but only pray for the good and  watch all that thats happening on the TV.

Another main concern is that, In these times of distress, we need to back the armed forces and government in order to put an end to this disgraceful event as soon as possible. But unfortunately , all the opposition parties are using this to their advantage terming this as a failure of the government.

Most people argue what the intelligence was doing at this time. I really dont remember a single instance where intelligence traced what could be a major disaster . The american intelligence whihc was said to be the most effective, didnt have any clue of 9/11 attack on WTC and to tell you, their military heaquarters Pentagon was destroyed in the same. I really believe that even if the signs of any militant attack are visible, It is quite impossible to trace their movements in order to avert any major disaster. So we can only back the government to take the best measures to curb terrorism and its acts.


Lessons of Life from YAHOO



I got to see this msg after I logged into yahoo mash to see my profile how it looked after one of my frns created one for me…..

Is it going to be Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle ? no longer I bet..

Apart from yahoo mash,Yahoo mail taught me what patience is and thats possibly the reason y I got to wait with a lot of patience to read the mails I get from my kith and kin.

The number of times yahoo mail login has notified an error loading mail has taught me the lesson to be prepared for the worst for most of the time..