Tummy Tantrums

Most of my life, I have led a sedentary lifestyle which resulted me being a couch potato. What do people generally do on a holiday? I suppose most of you would go out for a movie or some outing with friends or family. Of course, I would like to go out too, But my lethargy prevents me sparing at least a thought for the same.This made my thinking very narrow and I really cant think logically in most of the situations. My mind has been blocked by two walls on the two sides and there is one way to think.  For the last two weeks, I have been at home thinking of doing some literary work ( Mostly I  am in the thinking process and end up doing nothing ). As a result of doing nothing, my mind is diverted towards food at Home Sweet Home at every hour or so, I like to munch something which resulted in the rapid pot belly that has developed over the last two weeks. I have to admit that I have been one of the Big bellies in my circle, which people say is quite an asset ( don’t know why, but I take it as an asset as I’m an optimistic person).  My parents are asking me to prepare for govt exams and a few other competitive exams during this time. I pity my parents’ wish for still having some hope on me that I will do good in at least one exam.Good heavens, atleast they believe that I can, if not me. Yesterday I and my mother were involved in a conversation reg some academic stuff and I told my mother that the coming Sunday I was supposed to give an exam for BARC and also that I cant give the same given my condition ( and my loose tongue also spitted that I have wasted Rs . 100/- for the same ). I have got a decent shunting from my mother and she insisted I should go and give the exam at any cost just for the sake of experience. Hmm… wonder even after seeing my daily routine, there are some expectations.. Weight of expectations !!!!


I can’t believe this happened to me

Yeah..I really can’t believe this happened to me. Very early last sunday, I and my frnd satish narrowly escaped from what could have been an accident.And I write a blog post on driving and stuff( which looked like I was preaching people) and the next day I met with an accident.This is what happens when you try to preach something as if you ae good at it. I admit I’m one of the most immature drivers on earth, but accidents do happen when there is afault on the side of a single person leading to some unbearable consequences to both the parties. Hmm. enough of me yelling about the accident..time to move on..aur bolo..

All Hell broke loose..

Day before yesterday, I met with an accident in the morning precisely at 9 : 20 AM IST at Chaitanyapuri while coming back home after a visit to Shirdi Sai baba temple at Dilsukhnagar. I was coming at a speed of 30kmph in a straight road when a motorist driving at a speed of approximately 60 kmph suddenly crossed the intersection of the bylane and main road with an old lady as pillion. The braking of my vehicle was not sufficient and I along with my brother fell down and I fell a good distance from my bike. My brother was fortunate he did not sustain any injuries and he had to give his EAMCET tomorrow. I suffered minor hairline fractures at three different points in my left foot and doc advised me to take rest for 45 days. Phew! resting again.. and My dad told me very strictly that he is going to sell my bike off . I completely do not blame the opposite party for the accident. But he should have atleast sounded his horn as he was coming at that good speed so that I would have been careful.  Don’t know how long its going to take to bounce back to normalcy. The old lady who was on the pillion of the other party involved in the accident suffered an injury on her head and I noticed a small bleeding. She should be fine by god’s grace. I have to inform this to my doctor and dont know what kind of shunting I am going to face.. Keeping fingers crossed..

The Motorcycle Diaries

Owning a bike gives you a sense of pride that cannot be fulfilled by any other means.And driving the bike on void streets at night with no hassles of traffic after a great dinner is one particular occasion you cant contrive. But when it happens, you cant let the exhilaration dampen. Yesterday was one such day when yours truly was accompanied by my good friends satish, sravan, dilip, uma and sudhamsh for a treat that was hosted by uma for one good strange reason (I can’t reveal it here). After a whole lot of visits to some posh restaurants , we finally setlled down at Ohri’s Banjara Hills, Road no 12 for midnight buffet. I must say that I did not justify the price of the buffet though satish and sravan did it ably. After this outing we decided to spend the night at uma’s place. The road I have taken from Banjara Hills to Uma’s place is a typical traffic nightmare for any motorist. But since it was midnight, the roads were literally abandoned and I had a blast riding my bike as I always dreamt of one such outing from 2007. Finally the time arrived and I lived every moment of that journey. Suddenly, a seems to be wino in high spirits drove past us  briskly at a speed of 100kmph missed us narrowly. Otherwise I and satish would have been hit by that drunken idiot. I thanked my stars for a second and I have been fortunate to escape such a narrow miss. Thank you god, you saved us that moment. I wish that idiot gets to know how to drive a car at night. I sincerely suggest him go through this book.

Hopefully, I will have more such safe outings in the near future.

I’m one inefficient driver who knows my limits for most of the time. And for those who ride cars, this quotient should be quite high, as their carelessness would be fatal for others.

I dont know what Im going to do this summer

Sounds like a movie title..Hope my post is at least one percent readable.Well, I’m done with the exams of final semester of my Btech in Mechanical Engineering. To be frank, the main intention of taking mechanical engineering as my major is that I wanted to become an Automobile Engineer at some point of time, the impetus being my fancy for Automobiles.But after four years of academics, it looks like a very distant dream to me.First of all, I dont have even an iota of technical knowledge to hone my skills further and I’m vexed up with studies.Ofcourse, Ive given a shot at GRE very early, at the end of seventh semester to be precise and Ive also sent my score to the University of California, Berkeley through ETS as I wished I could be astudent of the famous Thomas Gillespie, but nevertheless, I felt that things should not be done just for the sake of doing them. There was literally no zeal in me to pursue masters at that point of time. And my GRE score was always a sort of back up plan for me in case I dont land up in a job.

So, the holidays have started officially and I have good 8 months of time to join the organization that offered me a job at a campus selection an year ago. As of now, I intend to join the organization and in the mean time, I would like to improve on some skills which I don’t have ( appears to be a long list ). But my main intention is to keep myself engaged in some or the other activity. I wish to learn a foreign language in the mean time and I’m interested in learning French as it is one of the most romantic languages and I have a flair for romance.And try to work out daily that keeps me healthy and fit and not to forget movies.So will update what I will be doing regularly as I have very little work to do apart from eating, sleeping and roaming.