I dont know what Im going to do this summer

Sounds like a movie title..Hope my post is at least one percent readable.Well, I’m done with the exams of final semester of my Btech in Mechanical Engineering. To be frank, the main intention of taking mechanical engineering as my major is that I wanted to become an Automobile Engineer at some point of time, the impetus being my fancy for Automobiles.But after four years of academics, it looks like a very distant dream to me.First of all, I dont have even an iota of technical knowledge to hone my skills further and I’m vexed up with studies.Ofcourse, Ive given a shot at GRE very early, at the end of seventh semester to be precise and Ive also sent my score to the University of California, Berkeley through ETS as I wished I could be astudent of the famous Thomas Gillespie, but nevertheless, I felt that things should not be done just for the sake of doing them. There was literally no zeal in me to pursue masters at that point of time. And my GRE score was always a sort of back up plan for me in case I dont land up in a job.

So, the holidays have started officially and I have good 8 months of time to join the organization that offered me a job at a campus selection an year ago. As of now, I intend to join the organization and in the mean time, I would like to improve on some skills which I don’t have ( appears to be a long list ). But my main intention is to keep myself engaged in some or the other activity. I wish to learn a foreign language in the mean time and I’m interested in learning French as it is one of the most romantic languages and I have a flair for romance.And try to work out daily that keeps me healthy and fit and not to forget movies.So will update what I will be doing regularly as I have very little work to do apart from eating, sleeping and roaming.


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