The Motorcycle Diaries

Owning a bike gives you a sense of pride that cannot be fulfilled by any other means.And driving the bike on void streets at night with no hassles of traffic after a great dinner is one particular occasion you cant contrive. But when it happens, you cant let the exhilaration dampen. Yesterday was one such day when yours truly was accompanied by my good friends satish, sravan, dilip, uma and sudhamsh for a treat that was hosted by uma for one good strange reason (I can’t reveal it here). After a whole lot of visits to some posh restaurants , we finally setlled down at Ohri’s Banjara Hills, Road no 12 for midnight buffet. I must say that I did not justify the price of the buffet though satish and sravan did it ably. After this outing we decided to spend the night at uma’s place. The road I have taken from Banjara Hills to Uma’s place is a typical traffic nightmare for any motorist. But since it was midnight, the roads were literally abandoned and I had a blast riding my bike as I always dreamt of one such outing from 2007. Finally the time arrived and I lived every moment of that journey. Suddenly, a seems to be wino in high spirits drove past us  briskly at a speed of 100kmph missed us narrowly. Otherwise I and satish would have been hit by that drunken idiot. I thanked my stars for a second and I have been fortunate to escape such a narrow miss. Thank you god, you saved us that moment. I wish that idiot gets to know how to drive a car at night. I sincerely suggest him go through this book.

Hopefully, I will have more such safe outings in the near future.

I’m one inefficient driver who knows my limits for most of the time. And for those who ride cars, this quotient should be quite high, as their carelessness would be fatal for others.


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