All Hell broke loose..

Day before yesterday, I met with an accident in the morning precisely at 9 : 20 AM IST at Chaitanyapuri while coming back home after a visit to Shirdi Sai baba temple at Dilsukhnagar. I was coming at a speed of 30kmph in a straight road when a motorist driving at a speed of approximately 60 kmph suddenly crossed the intersection of the bylane and main road with an old lady as pillion. The braking of my vehicle was not sufficient and I along with my brother fell down and I fell a good distance from my bike. My brother was fortunate he did not sustain any injuries and he had to give his EAMCET tomorrow. I suffered minor hairline fractures at three different points in my left foot and doc advised me to take rest for 45 days. Phew! resting again.. and My dad told me very strictly that he is going to sell my bike off . I completely do not blame the opposite party for the accident. But he should have atleast sounded his horn as he was coming at that good speed so that I would have been careful.  Don’t know how long its going to take to bounce back to normalcy. The old lady who was on the pillion of the other party involved in the accident suffered an injury on her head and I noticed a small bleeding. She should be fine by god’s grace. I have to inform this to my doctor and dont know what kind of shunting I am going to face.. Keeping fingers crossed..


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