Tummy Tantrums

Most of my life, I have led a sedentary lifestyle which resulted me being a couch potato. What do people generally do on a holiday? I suppose most of you would go out for a movie or some outing with friends or family. Of course, I would like to go out too, But my lethargy prevents me sparing at least a thought for the same.This made my thinking very narrow and I really cant think logically in most of the situations. My mind has been blocked by two walls on the two sides and there is one way to think.  For the last two weeks, I have been at home thinking of doing some literary work ( Mostly I  am in the thinking process and end up doing nothing ). As a result of doing nothing, my mind is diverted towards food at Home Sweet Home at every hour or so, I like to munch something which resulted in the rapid pot belly that has developed over the last two weeks. I have to admit that I have been one of the Big bellies in my circle, which people say is quite an asset ( don’t know why, but I take it as an asset as I’m an optimistic person).  My parents are asking me to prepare for govt exams and a few other competitive exams during this time. I pity my parents’ wish for still having some hope on me that I will do good in at least one exam.Good heavens, atleast they believe that I can, if not me. Yesterday I and my mother were involved in a conversation reg some academic stuff and I told my mother that the coming Sunday I was supposed to give an exam for BARC and also that I cant give the same given my condition ( and my loose tongue also spitted that I have wasted Rs . 100/- for the same ). I have got a decent shunting from my mother and she insisted I should go and give the exam at any cost just for the sake of experience. Hmm… wonder even after seeing my daily routine, there are some expectations.. Weight of expectations !!!!


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