Michael Jackson

                         Got the spelling right after a long time.How big a fan or How small a fan I am of Michael Jackson, I don’t get the spelling right most of the time . Got to hear the bad news of the demise of the great entertainer and I felt disturbed as most of you are. The first instance I remember hearing the name Michael Jackson was in a song in a Telugu movie by name One by Two . The song goes like

“ Naa pere John Travolta, aadistha ulta pulta

   Mera Naam Michael Jackson, nene in top Action”

English music was never my cup of tea and all sounded very similar . When I was in my 8th standard in the year 1999, one day my dad bought an audio tape of MJ’s Dangerous and I just fell in love with that. It cost around Rs. 125 at that time which was quite  an expensive proposition. Unlike other things it was the music that was conspicuous in MJ’s albums .When I happened to get my hands on a cd which had most of the videos of MJ , I just loved it and I got a copy replicated for me.  When I brood over that again, as far as music is concerned I still live in the 80’s . I jus love the music of MJ, BoneyM, Osibisa etc;  Much was anticipated with the last album of MJ’s Invincible, which sank without a trace. But he is more remembered for his larger than life acts which put him in news for all the wrong reasons like cosmetic surgeries , child abuse etc; ( most of which didn’t have an evidence) .People went to the extent of calling him a pedophile. There was a limit on how many surgeries a person could undergo and I feel MJ has surpassed it putting his life in danger. In a way , he dig his own grave by trying to look fairer . Anywayz, at the end of the day we are all happy that he is remembered for his music .One more conspicuous thing in MJ was his out of the way shoe where the color of the socks contrasted the shoe, which became a revelation in the 80’s. I really cant single out a MJ’s rendition, but Black or White and JAM stand out. In the end, Why do people like MJ? In my view, it is his music that makes person feel like a rockstar. People experience hysteria or Nirvana when he is performing and that’s not uncommon as he is genius.



4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson

  1. Yes, the guy was a maniac but that might be partly because of the fame and adulation he recieved which was phenomenal!

    There is a saying that there is a very fine-line between Genius and Crazymen, well he kept on hopping there. May he rest in peace!

    And yes dude, you remind me of my high school days when I used to listen to BoneyM, MJ, Sound-of.Music, My Fair Lady and Oasis!

  2. thanx for the comment.. I think music legends and controvesrial deaths go hand in hand..even Elvis Presley suffered a similar fate

  3. Michael Jackson was a great man as well as father to his kids..people need to leave him alone let him rest in peace..i love him soooooo much and i always will…he inspired me soo much. i love everythng about him..his heal the world foundation is a great thang and im guna do it as well.. im proud of everythng hes evr done..he had a heart of pure gold..i love you mj r.i.p!!! ur nvr forgotten i promise..

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