My Routine – Is it worth calling one?

                  I have already yelled a number of times that I am very good at doing nothing.  I thought that this can be put in a better way. I am doing something which can be termed nothing. ( I think you just got your wits out after reading this) This is what people call optimism.  Whatever the heights of optimism are , I have decided to pen my daily routine.

                 I normally get up at 8 AM , but circumstances force me to get up as early as 5AM or as late as 11AM.Nevertheless, I make it a point to have a good bath and get ready ( for what?) and have my breakfast ,a brunch rather.As soon as I have my breakfast, I get down to doing what I am best at “ Something called as Nothing”. This includes watching TV, surfing the net, peeking into others profiles on social networking sites etc; This continues till lunch time and after lunch, I try to keep myself busy or else, I doze off. By evening, I get ready for a small snack,which usually ends up being heavy. After that , I have a bath and get ready ( ready for what?) and sit in front of the computer looking for any people ready for chat on messenger and spend the time in surfing Orkut communities. After a few minutes, my Mom asks me to come over for dinner and there all of us sit and discuss various things . It is during this time that my Dad tells me about various vacancies in Govt. Sector and insists that I prepare well to crack those examinations. I give him a small smile, understandably which shows my disinterest in them. One of my friend who is presently in US comes online once in a while and asks  me to get myself involved   in some avocation. He is the same guy, who told me an year and half back that Time is the only asset we have in our hands . He asked me to get into the business of reading books, I’ve started Kane and Abel By Jeffrey Archer . But my inconsistency , lethargy and my neutrality towards literary pursuits made me take break in what could be called as an interesting read.

             But one thing I have been able to do consistently is watch “ Highway on my Plate “ hosted by Rocky and Mayur on NDTV Goodtimes at 8PM and 9AM weekdays. I don’t want to say what these guys do on the show, but they do what foodies and wanderlusts dream of.

And another thing worthy to mention is that I have been getting inclined towards culinary stuff, helping my Mom in the kitchen and I have also tried out a few recipes. Ill try to post the recipes of any new food stuff I try out. I suggest you people experience the weirdness of Rocky and Mayur.


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