Typical “KAMINEY” Experience

                  Kutte , Kaminey , main tera khoon pee jaaonga”  uttered by Mr.Dharmendra in the blockbuster bonanza “SHOLAY”  was the first time I got to hear the word “ Kaminey” . It caught my fancy and became my catch word during my early college days. The word Kaminey has got a lot to be related to a typical movie watching experience in Hyderabad. Yesterday, I and my school friend Rohit happened to got to watch the movie Kaminey and somewhere in my conscience I was reminded of the word many a time. I would like to put them in a serial order .

  1. First Instance : When the guy in charge of the parking lot dragged my bike to put that in a different position as soon as I just parked my bike. He could have asked me to park my bike in the position he dragged.
  2. Second Instance : The same idiot refused to give me the change for the parking fee, he claimed he didnt have the change inspite of having a lot of coins of Rs. 1 and Rs.2 denominations.
  3. Third Instance :   When the show was a bit delayed and we were made to wait for a reasonably long time.
  4. Fourth Instance : When some other patrons ( a group of friends trying to show off to the fullest )  occupied the seats we reserved.
  5. Fifth Instance : The Lights were too dim that we couldn’t figure out the numbers of the seats.
  6. Sixth Instance : When the theatre management switched off the AC  within minutes of the start of the movie.
  7. Seventh Instance :  Frequent power disturbances that spoiled the joy of movie watching.
  8. Eighth Instance : The person who was seated beside me was drunk and was stinking . And his abuses sounded clear than the audio system of the theatre.
  9. Ninth Instance : The rolling of the film reel made a great sound much to the disturbance of the viewers.
  10. Tenth Instance : A small quarrel in the theatre that isn’t uncommon.
  11. Eleventh Instance : Vishal Bharadwaj was too intelligent a filmmaker for making a movie that wasn’t understandable at all for normal audience like me. It sounded as if I watched a Marathi movie.

                      These were the instances that reminded me of the word Kaminey .But things apart. It was a very rustic and simple  movie with great performances.


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