Teachers – Now and Then

This post has been published by me on the occasion of the Teachers’ Day as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 2; the second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

                          When we think of the word Teacher , the first thought that strikes our mind is the person(s) who taught us various subjects in our school and college.  A Teacher is a person whose occupation is teaching at a place of formal education . We call a person educating students in a school or college as a teacher.If a person is engaged in imparting knowledge related to sports, we call him a Coach and we call a person who imparts spiritual knowledge as Guru and there are many more specific names for a teacher. Whatever the name is , the duty of a teacher is to impart knowledge to his pupils .

                          Going by my experience, there hasn’t been any drastic change in the mindset of the teachers I’ve been taught by in school and in college, but there are a noticeable few. I would like to put them in a serial order.

  • Student-Teacher relationship : A few decades back, the teachers were everything to the students in an educational institution . Teachers were a bit strict and there was a very healthy student teacher relationship.Now-a-days, teachers are being more friendly to the students and share a very good rapport with the students. This helps the students being very open to the teachers.
  • Accountability : Students should be made accountable to their performance in academics. In olden days, teachers guided the students and students were made accountable for their performance. But with the commercialization of education, teachers are taking the blame and are in a way becoming accountable to the students’ performance. This should change.The teacher should not be blamed for the student’s performance.
  • Way of dealing students : Teachers used to be very strict in in the past and each and every one of us have instances where we cursed the teacher for the punishment being given to us.So , teachers used to keep students on toes in the past.But, the present scenario is such that the teachers are made to stand on their toes by the students. The student community has become more rebellious in the recent past and in a away are very  demanding . This should change .
  • Problems teachers deal with :  In the past, student and teacher relationship was strictly confined to academics. But the present day students share a lot of things with the teachers and sometimes resort to the teachers for help in some matters of personal concern.So, the present day teachers  also counsel the students in many a away.

                           At the end of the day, we all need to remember one thing . A doctor saves the lives of people, an engineer helps in making good designs , a police ensures security of the people, but a teacher is one who makes the child become the above and moulds the thinking of the child, a pupil rather .There is no truth in saying that we did not have bad teachers. Pardon me, there are no bad teachers, there are only bad experiences with teachers. Even if a teacher has treated you badly, at least we got to learn something that this is not the way of treating the students. There is a saying “Experience is a hard teacher because it gives the test first, then the lesson” . In case , we had a bad experience with a teacher, relate the same to the above quote.Well, teachers are normal humans who have their share of joys and sorrows. I think its the education system that makes the teachers go haywire sometimes, not all though.  There are some teachers who become our role models. Let us be one among our role models.I may sound idealistic and monotonous, but this is what I feel .  I thank blog-a-ton for giving me the opportunity to express my views on Teachers – Now and Then and I really got nostalgic about my school and college days.

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35 thoughts on “Teachers – Now and Then

  1. hey yaar!
    nicely done!!
    “”there are no bad teachers, there are only bad experiences with teachers””
    i liked this alot!

    All the best and Keep smiling!

  2. Hey I am a first timer to your blog.. liked your post.. ““Experience is a hard teacher because it gives the test first, then the lesson””.. that statement is sooo true.. you have mentioned all the valid points without unnecessarily dragging it into huge paragraphs.. nice.. all the best and do read my post on this topic..

  3. “There is no truth in saying that we did not have bad teachers. Pardon me, there are no bad teachers, there are only bad experiences with teachers.” I think you have said the thing in a very beautiful manner 😀

  4. Good segaration of points , few I may differ ofcourse but neverthless good post ! A teacher ofcourse is accountable for student’s performance collectively. Individually a student is accountable for his performance but a teacher is accountable for the collective performance of his students.

    At the end , yes i do agree there is a flaw in our education system right from the training of teachers to the curriculum.

    1. Thanq for dropping by and thanx for the comment..
      education is commercialised..thats the root cause of all this stuff.. teachin in d past used to be a motive and mission..now its a profession

  5. I may not agree with some of your points, Saimanohar, but they are well made nevertheless.
    There are definitely bad teachers who have no business being in the profession, just like there are bad accountants and bad doctors who can cause havoc in theirs! The difference is, these bad teachers can play havoc with growing personalities and the power they wield is scary, especially to young children.
    I also think that just as in every other profession, there is the usual quota of good and bad teachers in every generation and that most teachers fall somewhere in between.


    1. I was very optimistic sayin that there arent bad teachers . Because, a bad teacher teaches how not to teach or the way we ought not to behave..So u can learn something that you should not do being taught under a bad teacher

  6. “…really got nostalgic about my school and college days. ”

    Are you sure about that?!?!?!??!??!!! 😉

    I, for one, don’t get nostalgic about my school… I have nightmares, yes but no nostalgia so far!

    1. I really have good memories of my schooling..
      I had my share of bad experiences..it has jus made me stronger .. Im not exaggerating it..but as bad as it could get.

  7. Nice one there Sai.. Yes, it might sound idealistic as u said.. nonetheless, its very apt. Just loved ur specific quotation, “There is no truth in saying that we did not have bad teachers. Pardon me, there are no bad teachers, there are only bad experiences with teachers”.
    About this opportunity to express ur views, its actually my pleasure 2 read ur views:)

  8. thanx very much vipul.. Very nice to get such good comments.. I believe I am this because of my parents and my teachers.. I will b grateful to them all my life,.

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