The Indian Dream

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              To start with, India is one of the most populated countries in the world . Any country’s most valuable resource would be  Human Resource and India has enough of it. The Indian Dream in my opinion stands for the kind of future a citizen of India would aspire for( dream for rather) .And with the kind of potential India has keeping in mind the resources, one could say a great future holds for India. Any citizen would dream that his / her country should the best in every manner. Unfortunately, the picture is not as rosy as it appears to be. In fact, we have a long way to go to reach a position that would mean justifying our country’s potential. On October 1st, China celebrated 60th National’s Republic day and India would celebrate its 60th republic day on Jan 26th, 2010. But if we have to compare the two countries on various issues, China stands tall. We have enough resources as China has had over this years. So, we need to make some changes in our governance and other things to make a mark as a super power globally.

My view of Indian Dream :  India , as a country should be self sufficient in food, power, security,Money and what not, as a citizen I feel my country should be the best in everything. The poverty and unemployment indices should reach minimum. And it would be great if there would be equal opportunity provided to everyone unlike the present situation, where reservations based on caste have a role to play. And I would like to see my country to be devoid of all social ills, ignorance and my ultimate dream is to see a “HAPPY INDIA “ . I really feel India should  be an embodiment of happiness, with the rich cultural heritage our ancestors have left us. I am afraid, with the increasing globalization, the Gen X have no clue of our culture and heritage.  The bottom line is that India should attain a status that makes it an icon . So , ICONIC INDIA and HAPPY INDIA  is my Indian Dream.

What it takes to make this dream a reality :   Keeping in view, the present situation, its takes a lot to achieve even a part of what my dream is. I have a few suggestions and if they are implemented in the right spirit, the dream could be a reality .

  1. Modifications in our governing system : Democracy , undoubtedly is one of the best systems of governance in this world . Unfortunately, a lot is being done in the name of Democracy . There has to be  transparency and accountability . Transparency of organized and allocated funds for public welfare  could help a lot of funds from being diverted to private interests. Accountability of people in power to their work is a minimum pre requisite of our netas. Unfortunately, where does this accountability come, when the netas are far from responsible.This should change and the netas should be answerable to the public.
  2. Role of Media : Media should be the interface between the public and the government. Media should establish news, not make news. Media should keep a vigilant eye on netas, not on film stars and cricketers.
  3. Utilization of resources : Efficient utilization of available resources would help in sustaining national interest.
  4. Attitude of citizens: Its high time citizens of our country realize that they should choose their leaders carefully and should not be lured to money and other forms of bait to elect their leader.
  5. Every citizen’s duty : Every citizen should try to serve the the society in the best way possible as a little regular progress will yield big results.

           This is my Indian Dream and I hope we the people , will make it a reality .

           I admire your patience in reading what could be called as an academic essay or the Dumbest blog.

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33 thoughts on “The Indian Dream

  1. Thanks for echoing what I said on twitter 🙂

    “Politicians are like diapers, full of crap, even if they arent,its just a matter of time.”

    A very well outlined dream Manohar. Well articulated as well. Good governance ; unbiased and fair media ; active and dutiful citizen involvement will get us far..

    I hope we the people will too..

    1. Thanq Mr.Madhu.. the statement u made was very caught my attention at the first place.. Hope my post didnt bore you.. Thanq for dropping by /.

  2. “Every citizen’s duty : Every citizen should try to serve the the society in the best way possible as a little regular progress will yield big results.”

    I hope this happens too!

  3. Hi sai!
    You wrote Every citizen should try to serve the the society in the best way possible as a little regular progress will yield big results.
    That is very true! If every single person are aware of this fact we can visualize a cleaner,greener,healthier nation!

    Good writing!!

  4. Manohar,
    I always liked your style of writing, right from the first edition of blog-a-ton.
    Though this one is text bookish and subjective, it carried its meaning till the last word. Looking forward for more from you!


    1. Thanq pawan, u made my day, one of the few who like my way of writing. I always end up writing essays, conventionally , I dont blog.. Thanq very much..such sweet words are the impetus for me to go forward

  5. A very nice post.. you have covered everything.. I guess these are the things that need to be improved.. I like the way you organize and put them in points, even in the last blog-a-ton.. and you dont drag points.. good one!

    1. Thanq very much.. Its very nice to hear that I don;t drag much..thats what I have been aiming for in my blogs.. nice that u like the post

  6. oh i read this…I forgot to comment??that never happens with me!!too many blogs to read sorry..

    here it goes…

    this is a really serious post..nothing like my dream is to have an uninterrupted supply of candies or my dream is to own a car…:P

    you have done quite a research while writing this post..nice 🙂

    all the best for the contest..

  7. I just thought about a cartoon strip that was published in connection with Blog-a-ton 3 as I was reading your post. It was about how we don’t dream for our country and how we dream only for us. Happy to see you talked about a dream for the country.

    1. A person dreaming for him.. is just dreaming for his country indirectly.. I mean his self interest will lead to national interest//

  8. That is a nice short post of a true Indian citizen! I agree with you totally.We must be more responsible and try to do our duties.

  9. @aativas Thanq
    @Vipul Grover Thanq..I will do that.
    @prashansa puranik hhey thanq for commenting this short post.. thanq.. for the comment

    1. haha.. u seem to be done wid d meticulous job of reading all the blog-a-tonics Thanq for d comment, and sayin that this was a short post

  10. Hey there, firstly thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment.
    I like your post on the Indian Dream becuse of the simple fact that it’s to the point and you’ve stuck to the bare facts.
    Keep Blogging

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