RAJ – Naam to suna hoga

                      The signature dialogue of Shah Rukh Khan is apparently made the title of a soon to be made film that is produced by his best friend Karan Johar.  In the recently concluded events, during the release of the film Wake up Sid, Raj Thackeray of MNS has found fault with the film alleging that the usage of the word  “ Bombay “ in the film has hurt the emotions of the Maratha people . And Karan Johar has promptly apologized to avoid further damage and the grapevine has that Karan Johar has agreed to make a film of Raj Thackeray’s life with the title “ Raj – Naam to suna hoga “. Apparently, Karan Johar wanted the film look very decent in order to elevate Raj’s image.

                 But Raj Thackeray insisted that all the real life clips that featured him using dirty linen in public would be incorporated which would go well with his image and would also make the cash registers ringing. And this film could see the comeback of KRK ( of Deshdrohi fame) who incidentally entered into a war of words with Raj at the time of release of Deshdrohi. KRK could be the antagonist , given the bad boy image he earned from BIGG BOSS.


              Lets all hope, the film wakes up Raj and KRK ( Both Deshdrohis of our country) . 


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