Courtesy Lessons for Delhi Autowallahs

                    How many of you had at least one bad experience with Autowallahs? I bet all of us have a minimum of  one .  We always complain about them charging exorbitantly , and about their rude behaviour and nevertheless their reckless driving remains the same. And those in Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad are a bit overboard. A few weeks back, Hon’ble Home Minister Mr. P . Chidambaram, has expressed concern over the attitude of Delhites and things needed to change for better. I have had a very bad experience with the Autowallahs of Chennai, they never speak any other language except Tamil.  For once, really got to know why dealing with Autowallahs in Chennai is a difficult task.

     Now , the Autowallahs of Delhi are made to attend courtesy lessons from ITDC ( Indian Tourism and Development Corporation) as a safeguarding measure to receive the visitors well during the Commonwealth Games , early 2010 at Delhi. In my view, Autowallahs of all the states need such a disciplinary exercise .

Picture Perfect :

courtesy :

Hope that this picture takes life in all the states and there needs to be a system in place to ensure this to happen and I am happy that the first seeds are sown.


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