Procrastinate NOW ! – Tips from an all time great

                       Here comes a post from the greatest procrastinator of all times. Procrastination has been a habit for me to escape from the wrath of studying and doing uninteresting things. For once, during my + 2, I happened to do things accomplish things at a good pace. Well, most of the time I tend to postpone things related to my academics as I feel I am no good doing that. But once you start doing something, at first you experience the joy to do something that you thought you could never.Secondly, you are brimming with confidence that you can take on anything in this world . And there are many more advantages as such. And always remember “The secret of getting ahead is to get started “

                        And to tell you more this habit of procrastination has made me believe that I am good for nothing. And my pessimism reached Himalayan heights where I began telling people that I am doing something which is called nothing.

                       So guys, The reason I am writing this post is that whenever I tend to procrastinate things, I have to remember that I have blogged about procrastination and also gave some super crazy tips to my readers. And in future I should not be questioned about doing things. This post , I feel is enough to slap me at times when the genes in my body tend to procrastinate.

And you have  A C T I O N    in    P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N .

So ,we have to start action to avoid procrastination .


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