If I were a baby again !

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                 Babies aren’t generally blessed with any kind of intelligence and all of us including you and me are no different. Since, we didn’t have a chance earlier, we can at least dream of something that we wished we had experienced or lived . Like food,clothing and shelter being the basic necessities of a man, the main necessities of a baby I feel are food , toys and vaccinations.

Food : With the advent of technology and Science, we are now able to do miracles in the field of medicine. So, it would be good , if it is possible to find what a child likes most like chocolate, potato wafers etc; so that the required vitamins or proteins should be fed into what they like most making them happy.

Toys : For any baby, toys and games form the basic priority . We live in a world where relationships between two adults are broken quite easily with the change in priorities and it is not surprising if  baby’s priorities in toys change. Choice of toys in babies change frequently and its not possible for parents to provide the baby with every kind of toy. So, there must be Toy Libraries where babies can play for a stipulated time with the toy they like. At such places, babies play with great enthusiasm making them tired and making the job of the father/mother to make the child sleep easy. A happy baby becomes a matured individual.

Vaccinations : As a child, I used to have sleepless nights when I learn that I have to get inoculated . And the sour taste of vaccinations and other tablets made me go haywire at times( actually every time) . So , I feel all the medicines,vaccinations and inoculations ( if necessary) should take the form of chocolates and other confectionary causing no inconvenience to the baby. So, a baby must be fed with hepatitis chocolate,triple antigen ice cream and polio cake.

Poor babies , I pity them for not having the intelligence to communicate the bad taste of milk, their monotony with the same kind of toys and the mental trauma and emotional distress caused by taking a vaccination or inoculation.

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48 thoughts on “If I were a baby again !

  1. @Manohar,
    A few of the things you state are factually wrong :

    Lack of intelligence : Given the word baby gets used to refer to a day old to 2 year olds, to say they ‘lack intelligence’ is incorrect. They have intelligence commensurate with their age. Parents are even advised to talk to babies in the womb as many researches suggest it helps make a difference. Between 0-3 years the amount of development that happens in a baby , especially it’s brain is unfathomable. It is an amazing process filled with effort, tears and immense intelligence..
    Food : Babies cannot tell you they do not like something ? Who says so ? If anything babies are notorious for spitting out what they do not like — they spit out more than they eat ; when their system does not agree with whatever is fed, they throw up — a very common feature in babies. When practical chewable vitamins — la ‘gummy bears’ are already available ; given it is important to ensure kids pick up the right eating habits early, your suggestion of potato wafer/ice cream/chocolate medicinal alternatives is bad. Junk food + medicine has bad written all over it. When the oral syrup is bad, fruit flavors to reduce the yuckiness has been used for a while now..
    Toys : Toy Libraries are available in schools and gymborees ; ofcourse it comes at a price. Babies play with the same toys day after day — that is not monotony. Babies love routines ; when routines are followed it makes them feel safe. Have you heard of a ‘security blanket’, some kids tag it along till they are 4-5.Many babies refuse something new as they do not trust it.They love and trust routines ; what you cann monotony is a routine.
    Inoculations : Again your idea of pairing junk food + medicine is not done in inoculations as it is bad and it does not work. Not to mention all of what you mention is junk food. Injections/intravenous ensures the kid does not throw up the medication ; momentary pain/bad is acceptable, while medicine not retained or worse excess dosage due to repeated attempts when they throw up has more serious consequences that the sour taste in the mouth. Add to that bad taste in medications teaches a life lesson — not all things in life is sugar coated and you need to let your kid take his/her share of pains

    A child needs love and a safe environment for it to develop and grow. It needs a routine filled with positive re-inforcements that conveys safety to it’s little brain.The process is humbling and amazing.

    I can go on, but you get the drift. I need to respectfully disagree with a majority of your post . Sorry.

    1. Mr Madhu,
      U need not be sorry for not having agreed to my post..u have an opinion, I respect it.
      And I agree with every point that u have made in the comment, but i was just trying to present in a different way..Anywayz this is my perspective..im happy that I have penned down, whatever I thought. pls dont be sorry .. Regards ..manohar

      1. Manohar, Sorry if it came across strongly. Like I ended I , unfortunately as a parent, think some of the facts mentioned were wrong and impractical and this was not satire/humour.

        Introspecting, I do feel I did go overboard and should have probably found you Contact-me and mailed that than leave it in the comments. My apologies for that..

        Good Luck..

      2. Mr.Madhu, no apologies, I feel My blog has been fortunate to get a comment form a caring and affectionate father.. your comment is the true reflection of how a child feels as u see ur child go thru the same process.. I must have been a bit sensitive for the child..But this is what I think. No apologies pls.. and thanx fopr dropping by.. and no hard feelings too.. Im appy that ur comment was in an emotional and sensitive tone..

      1. Thanx for coming to my rescue anna..I was brooding over what I have written to invte a comment of such magnitude Aywayx it shud have broken a few records as far as length of comment is concerned

      2. @Sai:

        Dude! I wasn’t rescuing anyone!!! You didn’t need rescuing, you were doing quite well on your own.

        If anyone needs rescuing it’s probably me: I am sure there’s a sniper outside my house poised to get a head shot! 😛

  2. ” it would be good , if it is possible to find what a child likes most like chocolate, potato wafers etc;”

    A lot of it depends on the advertisements. Remember Ruffles ad?

    1. Milk.. Milk sucks big time and the hot milk with excessive sugar and so called chocolate setting the tone for the day.. nothing can be more painful..

  3. Wow!! Toy Libraries, Proteins, vitamins in wafers and hepatitis chocolate,triple antigen ice cream and polio cake….damn creative!!

    Liked the idea and hope these become a reality!! 🙂

    1. As a kid, I remember very few instances of havin a chocolate, icecream or a soft drink.. I was literally deprived of chocolates.. that must have been the brain child for my creation..

  4. EVen I hated milk when I was a kid! But my nephew (2 years old) likes milk so much! I see him like an alien!!
    Inoculation! 😦 I still fear syringes!! What phobia is that?!

  5. This is soooo true “As a child, I used to have sleepless nights when I learn that I have to get inoculated . “.. I used to be soo scared of those injections 😦 And so true babies have a hard time communicating. Whether they are hungry or thirsty, they have a hard time communicating. Lovely post 🙂

  6. “hepatitis chocolate,triple antigen ice cream and polio cake” lol… 😀 I wish these things were invented when I was a baby. 😛
    Lovely write-up! Enjoyed it very much.
    All the best!

  7. Nice analysis buddy! You are absolutely right with this! Babies are an epitome of innocence so much so that they don’t even realize what is happening with them! Poor babies! Nice one!

  8. A really different take you have here…toy library in particular i feel must happen in sometime..rest of the things are really creative..how about polio cake..!!i want one.. 🙂 😀

    1. Ys boss, a baby should not suffer from monotony wid the toys as they suffer from monotony of seeing the same faces again and again

  9. An interesting post Sai.. U picked up the points no one thought about.. And well it created quite a debate.. But i feel both u nd madhu r right in ur assertions, its just tht u two r luking at things frm diffrnt prspectives 🙂

    1. thanx vipul for acknowledging my post and a blog cant be wrong for most of d times.. he has his opinion ..I have mine.. His was in a bit serious tone..I was rather trying to be funny .. So no offence at all.. Im happy that I did my part for being in d marathon

  10. Hi there…I was looking for things on Google for my baby and your website came up. I must say I enjoyed your blog post, and although I don’t have time right now, I’ve bookmarked your site and will be back to read more soon. Cheers.

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