All in a Day’s work

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                             What do I write about a typical day ? Now that I am in the transition phase between a student and a professional, I’m having a ball. Lazing around, meeting friends, having junk food,watching TV,wasting time on internet , calling old friends, disturbing others and what not.. I am leading a very lazy and a strictly not recommended kind of lifestyle . But I find a lot of solace in it because I am not sure if at all I get such time to enjoy in the future.Even if I get, Ill have issues to be taken care of at the back of my mind as I evolve.

                           As of now, All in a day’s work actually means no work for me.There were days in my life when there was only work and no play and now I feel relieved of all that. I am relishing every moment of this period. I am rediscovering myself. Having taken some time out for myself helped me a lot. I am actually beginning to feel good . In fact , I am feeling great!  Hail Holidays and Hail Laziness.

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25 thoughts on “All in a Day’s work

    1. @Psych Babbler YEah I m njoing it so that I wont forget it..
      @Unknown Indian Good times Good times everywhere! thanx
      @MadhuRao Hopefully, thanx for d comment

  1. Yo man, Yo! I’m doing the same thing nowadays! These are truly the best moments of our lives. But then again, it’s not that we cannot have as much fun as we are having now; only it will be quite different then. What say?
    Cool post.
    All the best! Cheerios!

    1. @Satish Hopefully, thank you
      @karthik we r sailing on the same boat..nice to find a fellow traveller
      @Nethra Welcome onboard

  2. Hi.

    Those were the best days of my life.

    That song frm Bryan Adams was what came to me the moment I saw this post.

    Wish you all the very best!

      1. No, no. It’s pretty much a net. Ask me nicely and I might just send you the book that I wrote ” 99 tentacular ways of escaping the pincer like clutches of the MAN*.”

        *MAN. :(n) Derogatory-contemporary for “MANagement”!!!! 😛

        All the best! Have fun while it lasts!

      2. Im ready for d gyaan that gives me an idea of the “NET” . I will mail you for d book 🙂 “MANagement” gave me an idea!

  3. Dont even think about sleeping. 🙂 Dude, you are in the best phase of your life. Dont waste any time. Have as much fun as u can..We are missing those time…
    Thanks for reminding the good old days…

  4. @dil oh one more better suggestion.. But I cant help without sleeping..
    @shilpa Thank You
    @Naveen I say Doin nothin is better than something
    @tavish Thank you

  5. Hi Manohar,

    I can completely empathize with you! Doing nothing for sometime, helps us gear up to do a lot of things in the later stages! So THREE CHEERS for holidays that help us wind up! Nice post! All the best!

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