Telangana – 300 style

Disclaimer : This post is no way directed and intended to the people of Telangana and their aspirations. Its just a means for the author to vent his anger on KCR and his bandwagon of hooligans.

Why was Mr.KCR silent the last five years . Why did he take up this so called Telangana agitation only after YSR’s death?

A) According to some insider news, KCR has some liver related problem and doctors gave him a very less chance of survival if he continues drinking the same way he did in the past. It struck him that it would be a great idea if he takes fast unto death so that he could gain some sympathy if at all he dies.

And had YSR been alive, he could have kicked the ass of each and every hooligan( I mean hooligan not student )  who are the reason for the havoc in the city.

One fine day, before the Telangana agitation started, KCR and his associates Harish Rao and Itela Rajendar been to YSR’s camp office to discuss the Telangana issue. Had it been in the scenario of the movie 300, it would have been in the following manner.

YSR – Leonidas ,KCR – Persian Messenger

AP Chief Secretary Mr. Ramakanth Reddy ( to YSR ) : A Telangana messenger (KCR ) awaits you.

YSR ( with Jagan by his side) : What message have you brought KCR ?

KCR : Land and Money. We wish to increase our property and assets in the name of Telangana issue as we could capitalize on creating havoc and gain sympathy in the hearts of people. And still, I have some EMIs’ to be paid for my new new AUDI Q7 and my new home at MLA’s colony.

Jagan( Interfering in their conversation) : We have umpteen number of ways to make money and Telangana is not the only avenue. Better resort to Land grabbing that helped me become a millionaire.

KCR ( To YSR) : What makes this kid think that he can talk between men?

Jagan: Trust me.Nothing can be as rewarding as land grabbing .

YSR ( realizing KCR as a potential threat to his property) : KCR , you leave me no choice except to take hold of all your illegal property and make it mine.

KCR : Madness! This is Madness!

YSR : Madness!  THIS ..  IS  ..  ANDHRA …. ( The sound of a large fart is heard as a result of which KCR leaves the place owing to suffocation and pulmonary problems )


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