Date – Probably the most common word that’s in the mouth for the Gen Y . However, the date I am referring here is definitely not that. I mean Dates which refer Calendar Days.

After my Eighth standard, I have suddenly developed a sort of an interest in remembering days and dates that seem important to me. For example, I remember the dates when I did something significant, dates that reflected good and bad times in my life. And I think unlike most people I have this uncanny knack of remembering peoples’ birthdays with their names and most of the time, I make it a point to wish them on their birthday.

Today is July 5th,2011 . I live in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh State in India. Last year on the same day, I remember there was a complete shutdown in the state owing to Telangana Agitation and this day I again see a complete shut down owing to the same cause. Kind of a Deja Vu’

On July 1st, 2011, I have resigned to my previous employer . Exactly on July 1st,2011 I have had to submit my resignation to my first employer. I feel that these dates that concern me have a jinx.

The takeaway is that I can relate to the old memories be it good or bad. And most importantly by wishing some of my old friends on their birthdays, I kind of resparkled my ship of friendship.


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