I write this on the 10th of July 2011, that happens to be a sunday. To my utter disbelief, Akanksha, my neighbour who is in her Upper K.G. has to attend to school today owing to the complete shut down for two days owing to the TELANGANA AGITATION. Such is the sorry state of affairs in the state.

The above incident took me back to my school days when IIT foundation(grooming the young minds to become the future nerds of the country) course was the most happening thing among the students and the parents who wanted to see their children as the next big thing that India could be proud of. Two years of hardwork seemed insufficient for the parents and a number of coaching centers bloomed to give necessary coaching for other coaching centers that were trademark IIT coaching centers.

Till my eighth standard, I was a very happy soul with all the good qualities of a lazy student viz; daydreaming, playing, watching movies and of course, occasional studies. All these have come to an abrupt end in my ninth standard when we were introduced to the extended hours of schools. Our locality was the worst hit as most of the schools had working hours till 6 PM and 7 PM, if the student is in tenth standard. Added to this was the head ache of IIT foundation, where ninth standard students were taught concepts of 10+1 and 10+2.

That was the period in the history of AP education system that students were divided into different sections(categories) based on their academic performance and our school was no different. Unfortunately, I was among the top 40 students and I was put in the elite section that consisted of the rankers who were the pride of the school.

Basically, I have a philosophy in life that I follow very sincerely. Though I don’t know what I am capable of , I definitely know what I am not capable of . This shit of IIT foundation and extended school hours took a mental toll and I literally went into depression cursing my school every minute. Then my good friend Kartheek and I have decided to talk to the concerned headmistress about our mental agony and we asked her to permit us to sit in another classroom(where we need not undergo the mental torture of IIT foundation). Our request was declined immediately and we were taken to task by the concerned teachers for not having been able to realise the value addition we were getting by attending these classes. The end result, my school produced one of the finest dumb asses in the form of yours truly.

If I had to do a post mortem of the whole situation, the mistake could be on two sides , either that of a school or the parents community. Had it been the initiative of the school, my school would have started this process of extended hours long back. Most parents whose children are in schools belong to the working class who do not have any person to take care of the child in their absence. So, they are in need of a school cum cretch that would aptly satisfy such needs of the working parents and also helping them with the fact that they need not take care of their wards’ studies once they come home. Such attitude of parents is the root cause of this phenomenon.

Slowly the mind set of parents community has changed and demanded the schools for extended working hours(semi residential schools) . In such cut throat competition, my school could not do much but succumb to the pressure of competition.

The bottom line is that its not studies alone that matter the development of the child. People who have a better exposure life in every sphere of life are the ones who are successful and are productive to the society. Spoon feeding does not help at the end of the day, one needs to be pro active to achieve his/her goals in life to be happy and successful.

P.S : I know certain dick heads who have graduated from certain esteemed institutions and have nothing but an ego that makes themselves think that they are a cut above all. I feel that they really are the ones who suffer from high self esteem and need to seek help of a psychiatrist.

At this particular point of time, my opinion hardly matters but let the children have their time to play, because childhood is the best part of life. Let they not be forbidden of all the joy.


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