Questions !! and there will be more questions…

My vagaries have no boundaries. My reputation as a human being allows me to rant on things around me , but I’ve gone that extra mile to rant even on circumstances. That’s a nice improvement.

Like everyone else, I’ve got certain experiences that drive me insane whenever I think about them. The first thing is the questioning attitude of the people. They speak to a toddler and ask when he is going to a school.

One of such experiences haunt me every now and then and sometimes to the extent that I doubt my own capabilities.
Coming back to my life, there are certain things I got by chance( like my Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering) and some by choice (My bike and to name a few).

As far as my career is concerned, I have been a part of one of the biggest MNC’s in India who fired me for not having performed to their “standards”. No qualms, as I am not comfortable living up to someone else’ standards. Presently, I work for a Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Finance which is a very stable job with a decent pay. The job role I’m given allows me to have time for myself which paved for self discovery and a few other things. And its really not a joke when it comes to getting this job in an open market. And mind you I was not gifted to have any choice of selecting a job.

But the tag of Govt. job is really not helping me in my social circles especially those who think I am really capable of doing something big. There was this piece of conversation that took place with a gentleman who was a family friend. Let us call him Mr. Uncle.

Mr. Uncle : What do you do my boy?

Me : I work for XXXX as XX posted at XX.

Mr. Uncle : What is your nature of work?

Me : explained.

Mr. Uncle : How much do you get paid ?

Me : Slightly more than 20,000 per month.

Mr. Uncle : Why don’t you work for IT? What kind of challenges do you face in your course of work? Life at your age should be challenging. And you earn very meagre when compared with your age group who earn as much as 4 times your annual income for one onsite assignment.

Me : If I may ask you, you are a….

Mr. Uncle : I am a Lecturer in XXXXXXXXX at the arts and science college.

Me : May I ask you what kind of challenges you face in your job profile.

Mr. Uncle : My B(u)oy, I’m a lecturer, I teach students and you need not ask me because the nature of the job is not associated with challenges.

I seriously began to give a thought of what was challenging in my job. Honestly, the answer is nothing.

Every other person who I bump into these days ask me the same question, why haven’t you chosen high paying jobs. When they ask me such questions, I feel embarrassed and sometimes guilty for not having a choice like most others who are into their respective jobs.

The tone of this post is very passive, just after having got to answer these sort of questions.


2 thoughts on “Questions !! and there will be more questions…

  1. I don’t think a high paying job with private sector with its attendent problems of having to manipulate things to keep your head above water (on a work level) is really worth it.

    kuch to log kahenge.

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