Nothin New !!

There’s nothing new to rant this season. My rants about my weekly journey continues and I have been exposed to different kinds of people in this course who can compel others in the name of “adjustment”. A few times I considered myself lucky for having taken this journey, for which the Happy Memories were just few moments. The number of movies I have watched this year have come down drastically, the reason being work and some kind of negative affinity to the films these days.

The good things on the other side is that I have been able to keep cool in even some of the worst situations . So, I am evolving as a person and I’m happy about it.

I am also happy of the fact that people of my age group, my friends mostly are getting married. Some of them had a heartbreak, some still in the waters and the other successful ones who have been able to convert their courtship into marital bliss.

One more good thing is that my urge to enlighten(educate) others in certain things has come down considerably. My cooking has improved and I am pretty happy about the food I make. On the other side, with the short memory that Junta have, it is disheartening that they have forgotten Anna Hazare. And thanks to the same Junta, they have forgot ” Why this Kolaveri Di”.


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